Libra May 2014


Libra May 2014

On May 3, Venus enters your opposite sign of Aries. Until May 29, you can expect some challenges in the area of relationships. Because of these opposing energies are you assertive, daring and fight for and with the people who mean a lot to you. With a remarkable amount of charm you eventually get what you deserve, especially at the end of the month. By then everything falls naturally into place in a professional and personal level. Look forward to an exciting time !

In a committed relationship you create an amazing growth and that prosperous trend continues. You enjoy each other in a loving balance of consolidation, respect and mutual appreciation. The need for affection and growth is so big with Venus in your seventh house. If there are problems in your relationship, you try hard to make positive changes. With a charming approach In mid-May unexpected situations may arise.

A lot of patience and tolerance is required when it comes to young children in the family. Stay consistent and in clear communication with them !

May 2014 is due tot the influence of Jupiter a favorable month for opportunities in your career or if you are looking for work. You have been facing problems in a permanent job or getting a new job is difficult or a new employee brings problems, but from the moment Mars turns direct in your sign on May 20, your chances will turn also. Mars motivates, activates, makes you dynamic and efficient. If you have your own business you are motivated as never before. Perseverance and hard work pays off in the end. It’s time to finish that project. The influence of Mercury supports study, work, publishing, travel and foreign business relations, so there’s work to be done! Use your charm and charisma around the Full Moon of May 14 to get exactly what you want.

May is an amazing month because of the influence of Venus. Venus encourages contracts and collaborations. In mid-May, you can expect a surprise ! You revenues fluctuate and therefore you are determined to consolidate and stabilize your financial position. You develop a strategy for the future , because you know the importance of sustainability. This month progress wille be made and further improvement will continue this year. Think of a new business or investment. Stick to the strategy and share your knowledge with others. Your new approach harvests admiration in your family and friends.

Because of the position of the Sun in the eighth house you are out of shape in the first half of May, but that will improve after May 20. Try to spare your strengths. Your health is part of your vitality strategy, too. It is about modest life, rejuvenation, natural life for body, mind and soul. Good health is priceless and that is much more important than your financial status will ever be!

Keep your distance from friends who give you a sense of unrest and intrust. Clean up the act within your circle of friends. Trust your intuition and your gut feeling. Listen to that inner voice!
An Aries, Leo or Sagittarius will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone.