Gemini May 2014


Gemini May 2014

On May 22, the Sun enters the sign of Gemini. The time has come for you to shine! On May 28, both the Sun and the Moon are in Gemini, it is New Moon. On this particular day things deep hidden in your unconscious mind may occur to the surface. May is an amazing month for your private life. With a strong determination you set goals in life. This month, you make a practical decision. Concentrate on building spiritual strength in order to reaching you physical goals.

May is a beautiful month for love! The position of Mars in the fifth house this month brings the possibility of meeting your soulmate in a group activity, with whom a long-term relationship may be built up. It could be someone much or a little older than you imagined. In a committed relationship plans are made for the future. New friendships are forever.

Your family requires all your care and dedication. Avoid conflicts to maintain harmony in the family. Consider when and how you spend time with your family ! You are very sensitive when it comes to animals and pets. Animals feel your stress and reflect your own behavior. It's a good time for selling your house, family business or to make a business agreement within the family.

You are considering another job, because you have a feeling that the work you are coin right now leads you to nowhere. What would you like to do? This month, ensure that you are not coming on too strong when it comes to colleagues. Your boss is very happy with your input and ideas for improvement in the workplace. If you have your own business is a good time to put the record straight and to launch new ideas.

This month there is more inflow of cash to cover all your expenses. However, it is advisable not to make unnecessary expenditures. You can do so much more with less ! The major benefactor Jupiter in Cancer will remain for quite a while in your second home and that means you have more luck with money matters and business perks. A great time to take steps to expand your income by stocks and bonds, but also the discharging of debts .

The month of May brings you Sun and energy! There is just too much to do in your life. You do not think in a logical way for the best way for spending your valuable time. Therefore it is good to set priorities. You have to deal with stress and anger. Through the influence of Mars you are bound to take more physical risks, because you feel extra energetic at this time. An amazing time to do all those things that you have previously delayed! You need plenty of rest and relaxation to mitigate your troubled mind. Perhaps Tai Chi could be something for you ?
The Sun in your twelfth house of Karma and spiritual self makes you more emotional than usual. Your subconscious makes you daydreaming and fantasizing, but makes you sometimes quite uncertain too. Let your inner feelings speak by writing poems, painting or creating something artistic.

A Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn makes a positive contribution this month. Even though you never seem to have enough time, do try to pay attention to your friendships. Do not forget your family and friends keeping abreast of what you're doing ! Maintaining these contacts will be fruitful in the coming weeks. Communication is more than ever important to you !