Capricorn May 2014


Capricorn May 2014.

The month of May is a good month for Capricorn. It is a month of clarification that is dominated by expansion with a capital E. Especially on the material level you could think of an investment carefully. Around the Full Moon in Scorpio 14 May you notice that something is about to happen. The pace of your progress in life is gradual, but fast enough to catch up.

May 2014 is a favorable one for love. The bachelor Capricorn may have a very special encounter. You keep your desires under control and if you are really sure of the feelings of the other, you will take the next step. In a committed relationship everything is according to your wishes. You have a deep need for emotional security and safety. In May 2014 you yearn for a peaceful life, warmth and privacy.
With your partner, you talk about starting a family or about building or buying a home, or redecorate your house or other things that make your life more comfortable. Still, now and then there’s someone on your mind you once had strong feelings for.

This month, there are plenty of opportunities to be with family and friends. Kids need your advice and financial support. Family members notice well how you do your best to keep everything in the family in the right direction and that leads to support and admiration. In May 2014 you will receive guests in your home or family reunions will be arranged.

Due to the influence of Mars, May is an enterprising and turbulent month. Profits are mainly coming from cooperation and collective activities. It is a month of change, personal transformation and changes in existing plans. If you are looking for a new job or a new challenge it is likely that in this month you wishes comes true. May 2014 is a great month if you have a job in sales or marketing. On May 20, 2014 Mars will be direct in the house of career, the return to the normal state of affairs. After a period of testing, special projects or efforts, you are now going to see concrete results. Mars is the planet of energy and can lead to great performances if you know how to use this energy in the right direction with a clear goal and a good strategy! If you do not, you have to deal with problems in your work or conflict with superiors or authorities.

The month of May indicates a sudden influx of cash during the month. May 2014 is the beginning of a period of financial prosperity in the long term.
Pay attention to the details of documents in order to avoid penalties, mistakes and errors. Also be wary if there is anything that is too good to be true. That will be the case.

Your hard work is not so good for your health. Fatigue may cause that you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. Your health comes first place! Decisions you make in the area of health are important to you, your family and friends. Medical appointments and treatments have a favorable course, also with regard to body and shape. Get enough rest and relaxation through sports or creativity. Immerse yourself in the flow of life. After May 20 things will improve, your mental resistance will be higher and medical solutions will be found.

Improve relationships with others, maintaining relationships is essential to make progress in your life. You will get positive energy of a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.