Aries May 2014


Aries May 2014

The influence of Saturn learns how to grow up. You are undergoing a profound change that has to do with an inheritance or a personal transformation. It is the beginning of a new YOU. Things are now coming into the light!
Venus, the planet of love, enters your own sign on May 3 to May 29, 2014! Her influence makes you extra lovable and attractive. It's time for social activities, meeting new people or even starting a new relationship. From the moment your planet Mars wille be direct again on May 20immediately your life will enter momentum.

May is the month for love! Mars and Uranus are connected to your first house of self and self-image. This could be the beginning of a new identity, a different you. You are flirtatious, searching for a new love or a completely different look. Because of Mercury you are talkative. In your marriage, the roles are reversed, Aries. Now you are at the helm. But generally never feel the love as never before. Enjoy it.

In the second half of May, you have nothing to complain about your relationship in your marriage and children. Jupiter is in your fourth house of family. Good period for children or to adopt. You are thinking about remodeling your home or increase the house one way or the other.

A good month for your career. With Pluto in the tenth house there is a promotion in the air or you can count on new contracts for your own business. Good month for new projects and investments. A business can be beneficial to your career, or may cause a new job. At work there may be some friction among your colleagues. However, your boss or supervisor is in your corner. In business you can be successful and see your profits grow if you to proceed in a methodical way.

The Sun in your second house of money shows that money is an extension of yourself. For you, a fixed income is very important so you can buy that express your personality. You solve financial problems with ease this month. Your income and capital will grow as you know how to tackle the proper opportunities May 2014 offer.

No problems in your health this month. You're more emotional than usual. If you feel that your emotions take over, talk to a friend or counselor. Make time for your family and friends Maybe a little vacation together?

Don’t longer hide your true feelings, it’s time to show the real you. Show who you really are. It can be so liberating and persona freedom lead to joy and happiness.
You tend to comfort yourself with delicious things when you are not at ease. Don’t do that. You adaptability will be tested this month. Be flexible, Aries.