Aquarius May 2014


Aquarius May 2014.

The month of May is a dynamic month for Aquarius! Especially when Mercury enters the sign of Gemini on May 8, you get more contacts and ideas will be flowing and your mental energy will be like never before. This trend is reinforced by the entry of the Sun in Gemini on May 22. In this month, your emotions are stronger and you may feel overwhelmed by feelings. When the New Moon falls in Gemini on May 28 changes will come and brilliant ideas are born flowing from your intuition!

For the Aquarius in a committed relationship May 2014 is a wonderful time, especially in the second half of May! There may be some problems emerging at the beginning of this month. Think twice before you say anything and pay attention especially to what you say. Honesty and diplomatic attitude are this month invaluable. On May 8, 2014 Mercury enters your fifth house of love and eroticism and that makes your attitude playful, curious and cheerful. You're in the mood to flirt and you are open to an exciting adventure! It promises to be a beautiful time for Aquarius in a committed relationship, especially late May when the Sun enters your seventh house of relationships. In your relationship you enjoy romance, sensuality, adventure and passion. Enjoy it, Aquarius.
Family issues play an important role this month. Take plenty of time for your family! Relationship with your family will improve this month. Problems with relatives are resolved.
Express your feelings around the Full Moon of May 14 in a constructive way to express your love and affection to everyone you hold dear.

May 2014 is a creative month! You will be inspired with new, original and ingenious ideas applied to scientific, literary activities or activities related to information, calculations, processing and dissemination of data. You put your business or yourself in the spotlight through advertising or through the Internet. In May 2014 you get great opportunities to convince and to be heard, by giving a presentation or lecture in negotiations, interviews or oral examinations. In your studies, you need more patience and attention to prevent important details to be overlooked. In the end of May an obstacle in your career path will be swept away. If you want to change your job, the month of May is quite favorable. If you're looking for work, you succeed in getting a new position. You can look forward to a new and serious cooperation! Honesty and diplomatic attitude are invaluable! Be careful in your regular job because someone is trying to put a trick on you. Give your full attention to your work and pay attention to all the details. Show them what you're worth and do let yourself be snowed under.

Your finances are not a bed of roses which is often the source of conflict. Your earnings will this month are quite turbulent. In the course of this month you can expect more money. Allow yourself to be fully informed if you are considering a risky speculative investment. Money comes in from work, but also by speculation, joint finances and a number of favorable circumstances.
After May 20, 2014 you will experience an energetic period and you're in good shape. The first half of May requires more rest and relaxation to establish a good resistance. Make some time for self-reflection. You need your physical and mental strength to endure all changes. Generally May 2014 causes a lot of stress and tension. Regular exercising and rest, warm sunlight and fresh air contribute that your energy stock is maintained. But the most important is good nutrition! Not too much of something is more than enough for you.
You are not responsible for the choices of others, just for the choices you make yourself. Let it go of that burden. You already have enough to bear!
Your creative power is strong, so why longer delaying?