Astrological forecast for May 2014.

The influence of the Cardinal Grand Cross which became exact last month,

Will also be in force this month. The released energy is so big, that it will be felt in the world as a whole within us until September 2014. The aftermath of the Solar Eclipse of April 29 ensures that the beginning of May 2014 will be characterized by events that many of us will be experienced as heavy. In the world and in our lives we may have to deal with contra dictionary items such as war and peace, treaties and broken commitments, love and breakups. Mars is part of the Cardinal Grand Cross and will be, after being retrograde, direct on May 20 at 9 degrees in Libra. The added energy of Mars to the challenging T-square between Uranus and Pluto will again lead to explosive situations and very unexpected events at the end of this month. The spring of 2014 is therefore marked by violence, threat of war, large crowds, earthquakes, flooding and severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail, thunderstorms and tornadoes.
In the second half of May there will be some relief as the energy becomes lighter when the Sun enters the sign of Gemini on May 22. The positive connection between Jupiter and Saturn also ensures a mediating role and perseverance which is needed to build bridges and durability.
On a personal level, May 2014 will primarily be focused on relationships, partnerships, associations and friendships.
The Sun in Taurus will be opposite Saturn in Scorpio until May 21, which makes reconciliation more difficult. In May 2014 new relationships will terminate most unexpectedly under unusual circumstances and for unusual reasons. May 2014 is the month of new love, but also the ending of love. New but unusual relationships develop or old relationships break up without warning and for no apparent reason.
Even though these energies cause distress and discomfort, it also offers us an opportunity to release old pains. Let go of all that no longer serves you in this life, like people, things, commitments and beliefs, in order to connect with the deeper part of our spiritual selves.
In a world marked by violence and duality is an unbreakable force. Love. It's time to let go of fear and be loving. Change your life in order to bring your being, body and soul to a higher level.
The cosmic vortex of April continues in the lovely month of May in our society. It is a month of opposing energies that require solutions. The dualistic energies are a part of the process of learning and growing through change. Whatever happens in the world, it also opens a door to purification, peace and universal love.

Thursday, May 1:

Today the magic Beltane festival is celebrated. The Moon in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. This constellation provides basically a passive attitude, leading to imbalance and hypersensitivity, a day of fooling ourselves en loosing ourselves in daydreaming.
The Moon in Gemini makes friendship with Mars in Libra and that gives to this dreamy day a sense of courage, dynamic action, entrepreneurial activity, honesty and openness and willpower to stay with both feet on the ground.

Friday, May 2:

The Moon is in Gemini is favorably to Uranus in Aries and that gives us determination, ingenuity, persuasiveness, ambition and success in business! We are eagerly looking for new ways to flourish.

Saturday, May 3:

Mercury in Taurus opposition Saturn in Scorpio.
An intense, serious and disciplined energy. Today, possible delays in travel and communication. Our plans, ideas or proposals or implementation of projects currently encounter resistance or rejection. This can lead to disappointment, frustration, anger and stubbornness. A day to reconsider projects and , if necessary, adjusting them. Good day for concentration in study and adjusting limits if necessary. Anyway, don’t get get overwhelmed and just proceed with whatever you do, even if things don’t work out the way they do.

Sunday, May 4:

Venus leaves Pisces and enters fiery Aries until to May 29. Venus is in Aries adventurous, impulsive, impatient and demanding, spontaneous and direct. Desires are stronger and more passionate.
If we want something , we want it now and I mean right now!
The collaboration between the Sun in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn gives us in the next two days a strong vitality, energy, strength, popularity and ability to do great things.
Supported by a concentrated force and strengthened confidence, new and important projects are successfully started during these days!
Even the most demanding projects have a good chance to succeed. In case of power struggles harmony can be restored with inner peace and objectivity.
The Sun in Taurus smiles at the Moon in Cancer, a compound for the male and female principle. Equal rights for everyone ! However, the Moon in Cancer has difficulties with Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn and therefore disagreements and tensions, severe inhibitions in love, depression and extreme emotional expressions and indulgence may occur in the relationship sphere. The square to Uranus enhances mood swings and irritability. Luckily, the connection with Neptune in Pisces ensures room for a peaceful atmosphere, empathy, fantasy and romance. Beautiful day for art experience.

Monday, May 5:

The Moon in Cancer smiles at Saturn in Scorpio. This connection brings responsibility, organizational skills and sense of duty. Achieving goals is pursued with care and deliberation. An appeal to your faith can be made today.
The Moon also smiles at Mercury in Taurus and that gives us a good mind, concentration, humor, a beautiful voice and a sound mind. Our intelligence is strong, we think practically and are open to new things.

Tuesday, May 6:

Today the Moon enters the sign of Leo. This energy makes us confident and creative. This outward energy strengthens our self-expression and daring mood, an energy to enjoy love and the good things of life the fullest,
The Moon in Leo likes Venus in Aries! In love and marriage this is a very good aspect. Our sense of love is strong and there is a kind of serene mind.
The help of the Sun to Jupiter in Cancer gives us vitality, success in life, general popularity and professional and social progress. We have a strong sense of justice and happiness.

Wednesday, May 7:

The Moon in Leo is in her First Quarter phase and is beneficial to Mars in Libra. It gives us great willpower, courage, dynamic action, initiative, activity, honesty and openness.
The Moon loves Uranus in Aries and this gives us a lot of attention, persuasiveness, ambition and an original mind. We go our own way, looking for new methods. We are determined, imaginative, love to travel and things are successful.
Today and tomorrow, May 8, the Sun in Taurus is sextile to Jupiter in Cancer. Increasing awareness and activities that promote personal freedom in these days are in order. Enhanced chance for business success!
In an atmosphere of tolerance and generosity creative solutions are found.

Thursday, May 8:

Mercury has left the sign of Taurus and enters its own Air sign of Gemini. Mercury feels perfectly at home in its own sign! Thoughtfulness makes way for action! Until the end of May a busy atmosphere of eloquence, curiosity, wit and speed prevails. The Moon in Leo is challenging Saturn in Scorpio. Despite the airy Gemini energy, a depressed mood, dissatisfaction, stubbornness and insincerity resurface in an relationship.

Friday, May 9:
The Moon is in the Earth sign of Virgo. This Earthly energy is analytical and critical, but also productive. In these days rated health, work, service and duty are in the foreground.
The Sun in Taurus smiles at the Moon and that brings us happiness, success, vitality and a feeling of wellbeing. The beautiful compound of the Moon with Pluto in Capricorn strengthen our emotional life during this period. Our sentimental nature awakens! There is a sense of adventure, longing for extreme acts and an urge to travel and change of location. A positive hand of the Moon to Jupiter in Cancer brings social successes and material benefits. We have a positive attitude towards life, sincerity and popularity. Plans are made, there are artistic interests and we are optimistic.
The Moon in Virgo is challenging Mercury in Gemini. In a hurried atmosphere thinking is fast and productive, but also can be changeable and superficial. This less positive note is amplified by the Moon affecting Neptune in Pisces, so that the truth can be misinterpreted.

Saturday, May 10:
The Moon in Virgo is sextile to Saturn in Scorpio and this reinforces our sense of responsibility and our organizational skills. Ambitious goals are pursued with care and thoughtfulness.

Saturday, May 10 and Sunday May 11:

Sun in Taurus is in opposition Saturn in Scorpio. Reconcilement will be difficult until May 21.
A depressing weekend with a performance-oriented and challenging atmosphere of exaggerated self-confidence and coolness. Problems in the professional sphere. Try to figure out what is causing current problems in order to find meaningful solutions.
Demanding projects require careful planning. Focus these days on the essence and doing good things in a conscious way.
Sunday, May 11:
The theme today is to bring balance in mutual desires in relationships.
Venus in Aries today is opposite Mars in Libra. A conflict between two polarities: finding a workable solution or get your right in an aggressive manner. This contradiction in existing relationships can lead to the complete withdrawal or counterattack. The Moon is also in the vicinity of Mars in Libra and this composite energy makes us irritable, violent talkative, vulnerable for illness, but also passionate. Strong internal tension is palpable.
Our passion is very strong, perhaps sometimes so strong that it manifests as uncontrolled eroticism and passion. We may also have a feeling of dissatisfaction and may be irritable. The tendency to infidelity is as big as magnetic attraction. We are actually more concerned with ourselves leaving the feelings of others are relatively indifferent to us. Conflicts over eroticism, passion and sexuality and particularly financial ownership may lead to far-reaching consequences and financial losses. The Moon is opposite Venus in Aries, which means strong feelings. Strong passion, but also inhibitions in love, dissatisfaction and problems in domestic life. The challenging square to the Moon with Pluto in Capricorn, can cause extreme emotional inhibitions, depression and self-indulgence.
Mercury the planet of communication, is today in connection with the dreamy Neptune and therefore there is no logic today. We feel a little confused, not everything is what it seems.
The Moon in Libra reinforces our desire for harmony and together with Mercury solutions will be found through clear communication to restore the balance.

Monday, May 12:

Mercury in Gemini is squaring Neptune in Pisces.
Watch out! A lack of concentration makes impractical, wavering, impressionable and can give mistakes, communication problems and wrong decisions.
Reschedule important calls or planned project to a later date. Pay close attention to the road and at work.
The Moon in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries. We are irritable and moody. Mood swings and suppressed irritability can lead to conflicts with the partner.
Today, the Moon squares Jupiter in Cancer. It can make us rebellious to the law and authorities. We also have a tendency to extravagance and in love relationships there may be potential conflicts. Bile and liver are sensitive, so be careful with excessive food and alcohol.

Tuesday, May 13:

The Moon enters the intense waters of Scorpio. The Scorpio Moon provides us with strong energy, passion, sensuality and new things.
The Moon trine Neptune brings strong imagination, imagination, empathy and artistry.
Mercury in Gemini trine Mars in Libra provides practical evaluations that lead to creative and constructive solutions to problems at work. Unfortunately, we do not always use this energy. A solid plan can lead to profit, focus and efficiency. Meaningful and conciliatory words can resolve a conflict before it degenerates. During this time we also very good with children. We are attracted to creative people with whom cooperation can arise.
Wednesday, May 14:
Today is the Full Moon in Scorpio, a day of contrasts. The Scorpio theme is extremely powerful at this time: intensity, all or nothing, transformation, endings and beginnings, fears and intimacy. The Full Moon is close to Saturn in Scorpio, so these topics are reinforced with more responsibilities and emotions. The mood is depressed, irritating and moody. Quarrels may occur with the family and peace is sometimes hard to find. It is a good day to implement changes that require courage and discipline!
The Moon in Scorpio is in favor to Pluto in Capricorn and that arouses our sentimental nature and wanderlust! In a strong emotional mood we are in for adventure and extreme actions. Today and tomorrow Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. The challenging energy between Venus and Pluto can cause excessive eroticism, debauchery and hedonism.
The Moon today forms a beautiful trine to Jupiter in Cancer. This cooperation leads to social success and material benefits. With an optimistic attitude towards life, beautiful things and artistic things may surface.

Thursday, May 15:

Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn.
Don’t pressure your partner to fulfill erotic desires and financial needs. Avoid destructive testing in your relationship, because it will only lead to power struggles and crisis.
The Moon is the sign of Scorpio leaving the fire sign Sagittarius , this energy makes the atmosphere more stubborn, more fervent, more restless and fickle. The Sagittarius Moon is a great time to learn and concerning with the higher things in life.
The Moon is squaring Neptune in Pisces and that may entail dreaminess, a passive attitude , imbalance , hypersensitivity and the tendency to self-deception .
Fortunately gives a sextile from the Moon to Mars our willpower , courage , act decisively, power to act and the desire for truth and openness.
The Moon grows to Uranus in Aries, giving us a lot of persuasiveness, ambition and an original mind. We go our own way, looking for new methods. We are determined, imaginative, successful and are keen on traveling.

Friday, May 16:

Mercury in Gemini sextile Venus in Aries.
Unlike earlier this week in a friendly atmosphere conversations in relationships take place in a harmonious, balanced and stimulating way, leading to reconciliation, strengthening, creativity, inspiration and erotic trends!
Balanced and harmonious discussions are constructive in career and family.
Mercury in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries
Progressive and energetic conversations lead to creative, meaningful and innovative changes. Free, intuitive, creative and unconventional thinking and planning can lead to creative projects and more freedom for everyone in everyday life.
Venus in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries.
Beware aware for defiant, rebellious behavior and challenging collisions in personal relationships and other ( financial ) partnerships, peculiar moods can lead to problems and jealous crises. It's all or nothing. Exciting developments!
Don’t take any hasty and careless decisions in the relational or financial area. This imaginative mode, it is possible to renew and improve partnerships .
The Moon in Sagittarius opposite Mercury in Gemini. Today everything points out to a quick mind, but we can hastily, so there may well be mistakes as well. Our thinking is very changeable, fickle and superficial.
Saturday, May 17:
The Moon is in the sign of Capricorn and this earthly energy gives us sincerity, alertness, concentration and determination. Even ambitious goals come a little bit closer.

Sunday, May 18:

The Moon in Capricorn forms a connection with Saturn in Scorpio and that appeals to our sense of responsibility and our organizational skills. Ambitious goals are being pursued with care and thoughtfulness. Duty calls … private life gets less attention. No time for fun and relaxation time. The Moon in Capricorn gets several unpleasant aspects today, which result in a moody day. The Moon encounters Pluto in Capricorn and that may result in emotional outbursts. The Moon in Capricorn is squaring Uranus and makes us irritable and moody. Mood swings, blunders and an oppressed, but also strong sensuality, which can lead to separation and self-harm.
The Moon in Capricorn squares Venus making us act out of feelings. Problems in domestic life could arise because of unsatisfactory passion. Also, the Moon is opposite Jupiter in Cancer, a challenging aspect in law and order. In love relationships, there may be conflicts or breaking-ups. The Moon squares Mars in Libra which awakes strife in a relationship.
There may be a softening aspect due to the Moon and Neptune in Pisces. It gives a strong imagination, sensitivity and empathy. Our artistic talents, especially art are more important.
Venus in Aries square Jupiter in Cancer opens doors on erotic areas that were previously closed, taking you to unfamiliar and unknown areas. They may be raptures, but they can also be overwhelming and cause disharmony. It may also be too much, it may lead to self-indulgence. Don’t be reckless handling money and possessions, even though it appears to be financially possible. Carelessness and recklessness can cause problems in love.

Monday, May 19:

The Moon has entered the Air sign Aquarius. This airy energy literally gives relief and strengthens the relationship with friends. Social problems affect us. Now is the best time to take action in the public interest and to open doors revealing the truth.

Tuesday, May 20:

The Moon in Aquarius smiles at Uranus in Aries and this positive connection gives us focus, persuasiveness, ambition, an original mind, a great desire to travel, determination, ingenuity and success. We are looking for new methods and want to follow our own path.
However, the Moon squares Saturn in Scorpio today and that means a depressed mood, dissatisfaction and stubbornness. In this Aquarian energy all this provides an enormous perseverance. We won’t give up easily!
The Moon is sextile with Venus in Aries and that is a very good aspect related to love and marriage. Our love is strong, we demonstrate our flexibility and show the compliant side of us. No arguing today.

Today, Mars awakens out of his retrograde sleep at 9 degrees Libra to continue his journey. In Libra, the sign of Relationships and Balance, Mars was retrograde since March 1. The forward momentum of Mars aks the following questions:
How and where we focus our energy, how we present ourselves, how do we deal with anger and how to take the lead? In recent months, many of us have made very important decisions for the future. Mars will continue his journey through Libra until July 26 2014. In your birth chart can be seen in which field you will be challenged to focus your energy in your own unique way. Mars arrives in mid-June until the eind of June to rally at the existing T-square between Pluto and Uranus. During this period, Mars activates the T-square which provocation, anxiety and sudden and shocking developments. As a positive note, the contribution of Mars leads to innovating developments that involve a positive, evolutionary growth and change.
Much more about Mars in Libra soon on this Website!

Wednesday, May 21:

The Moon in Aquarius is a positive connection with Mercury in Gemini and that gives us a great ability to learn independently, practical thinking and a clear vision. Our intelligence is strong and open-minded.
The Moon is in her Last Quarter phase and that can cause problems in the family and relationship atmosphere, causing health problems, problems at work and public disagreements.

Thursday, May 22:

The Sun has left the Earth sign Taurus for the Air sign Gemini.
The Moon sign has entered the dreamy realm of Pisces. The Moon in Pisces makes us sensitive, imaginative, dreamy and introverted. Dreams are also expressive and full of meaning. The need for meditation and contemplation is stronger.
The Moon is alongside Neptune in Pisces and this cooperation can make us dreamy, passive and unbalanced. We are more sensitive and prefer to isolate us. The connection of the Moon with Pluto in Capricorn awakens our sentimental nature. We want to wander en our emotional life is very pronounced.

Friday, May 23:

The Moon forms a trine to Jupiter in Cancer and this is certainly a very favorable constellation. Social successes as well as material benefits are possible, especially in the artistic field. We have a positive attitude towards life and are sincere.
The Moon also forms a trine to Saturn in Scorpio and that brings us a sense of responsibility, organizational skills and sense of duty. Ambitious goals are pursued with care and thoughtfulness.
However, a square of the Moon with Mercury increases the risk of errors. We can change our mind and today are superficial, irregular and rushed.

Saturday, May 24:

The Moon leaves the Water sign Pisces for Aries. This fiery Moon gives us energy and gives us confidence in our own abilities. We are spontaneous and have a clear sharp mind. With renewed energy and perseverance we start with something new.
The Moon in Aries is opposite Mars in Libra giving Uranus in Aries a sense of liberation and excitement, but also a lack of inner balance. It is ego-oriented energy, making things difficult in relationships.
The square of the Moon with Pluto in Capricorn can cause emotional outbursts.

Saturday, May 24 and Sunday, May 25:

Jupiter in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio.
This connection between Jupiter and Saturn provides to end this year for open channels to create social structures, order and balance, helps to carry personal loss and to tackle the thread of life again.
A weekend in the sign of personal liberal expansion. In perfect harmony professional and social responsibilities can be optimal achieved in the coming weeks.
Young and old help each other and continue to work together harmoniously. Existing limitations and problems will be harmonious. Learning processes and studies are beyond the limits of one's own consciousness.
The Moon is next to Venus in Aries and therefore our need for affection is strong and expresses itself in a harmonious family life.
A nice connection between the Moon and Mercury in Gemini gives us a clear mind and a good understanding. Our intelligence is strong, we think practically and are open to everything new.

Monday, May 26:

The Moon has entered the Earth sign Taurus. The Moon in Taurus shines its light on money and possessions, to secure and multiply these. This Moon energy is clinging to the familiar and what is important to us.
The Moon is beneficial to Neptune in Pisces and gives us a strong imagination, imagination, sensitivity and empathy. Our artistic talents enter the limelight and show interest in the arts, music and literature.
Mercury in Gemini is beneficial to the Node in Libra. In the field of learning, written studies, daily work and career planning, creative processes are put in motion.
Defects or problems are corrected. Balanced, communicative and cooperative contacts may be expected.

Tuesday, May 27:

The Moon in Taurus is trine to Pluto in Capricorn.
Our emotional experience is strong during this period, but it can also be one-sided. There is a sense of adventure, extreme acts, desire to travel and change of location.
The Moon is in Taurus is opposite Saturn in Scorpio. This can cause limitations, depressed mood, a sense of desolation and melancholy. We may be dissatisfied, closed, stubborn and disingenuous.
The connection of Jupiter in Cancer gives as counterpart a positive attitude towards life!
Venus in Aries is opposite the Node in Libra. Today unconscious shadow behavior and never discussed erotic and financial irregularities come to surface. Secrets and problems can be experienced as very frustrating.
Do let yourself be discouraged, problems can finally be corrected and cleared in a meaningful way.

Wednesday, May 28:

It's New Moon in Gemini today. Emotions are properly managed and problems within relationships are resolved in a harmonious way.
The Moon has left the sign of Taurus and has entered the Air sign Gemini. The Moon in Gemini gives us capacity fort alertness, curiosity and responsiveness. The atmosphere is lively and we are looking for new experiences and impressions. This is a good time for communication, contacts, gain, following a training and study.
Mercury in Gemini likes Venus in Aries. This positive connection gives a cheerful, friendly and seductive atmosphere. Harmonious and balanced discussions lead to constructive, creative, loving and artistic developments and cooperation in career and family. Our creative energy is a source of inspiration.

Thursday, May 29:

The Moon in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. This energy brings intuitive insights and a deepening in our thinking. The next few weeks will be the sign of inspired ideas . On the other hand, there may be confusion, a passive attitude, tendency to self -deception, imbalance and hypersensitivity. You can lose yourself in wishful thinking. It seems like everyone has lost their way. A day of untruths and disappointments. The necessary inner strength is lacking for larger projects or study. Take some time for meditative calm, however, don’t go ignoring daily tasks and duties.
The trine to Mars in Libra gives us a lot of willpower, courage, acting decisively and opening doors to the truth and openness.

Friday, May 30:

Venus has left the fiery Aries behind and continues her journey through her own earthly sign Taurus. Venus feels very much at ease here. With this energy, we are artistic, generous, friendly, accurate and one can approach the right partner in an instinctively way.
Mercury leaves Gemini and enters the water sign Cancer. With this energy we focus more on the past and act on our experiences. It strengthens our memory and the ability to adapt ourselves. This energy enhances studies, but only if it really interests us.

Saturday, May 31:

The Moon enters the water sign Cancer. The Moon in Cancer makes us longing for home, peace and security. A beautiful energy to develop new powers of the soul.
Sun in Gemini smiles at Mars in Libra. This energy gives us a lot of energy and strength, courage and confidence.
A creative and active day to work on personal projects. Conflicts and disputes in everyday life are solved in a balanced way. Success can be achieved by dilingence and willingness.
The Moon in Cancer is next to Mercury in Cancer, which is a good starting point and base to start businesses or redoing things.
A positive connection of the Moon with Venus in Taurus is a very good aspect related to love and marriage. Our love is strong, we show our flexibility, accommodating and open-mindedness. No arguing today or we prevent arguing.
The trine between the Moon and Neptune in Pisces brings strong imagination, empathy and an excellent knowledge of art. We are dreamy, enthusiastic and have a rich imagination.
Despite the positive atmosphere, the Moon, however, has troubles with Mars, Uranus and Pluto, which means we can get to excited reactions, randomness, depression and mood swings.