Virgo Monthly Horoscope:
March 2014

It's good to approach things in a relaxed manner.

Work, career and money
You have no complaining about your work, everything is going smoothly now that you're used to all the changes. All those changes in your career are actually a learning period for you and have contributed to your inner growth. You can now benefit, because better times are dawning for you.
If you are looking for a job or promotion more opportunities come your way.
The professional climate of March 2014 will be characterized by interacting with others: colleagues, subordinates, consultants, competitors, etc. It will be a period where you almost do everything together with others or will be motivated by others. Challenges will be there, but you will get enough support to facing the biggest challenges. The topic responsibility can be a problem in the workplace: who should do what, when and how. It probably won't be the first time the subject comes up. It should now be clear once and for all. Writing and speaking, so communication in general, negotiation, intellectual and artistic activities are in favor this month. Mars will be retrograde from 1st of March to May 20 2014 in the House of money. From a financial point of view it means that you have to be very sparingly and careful in this period, because things are complicated and unpredictable.

Love, relationship and friendship
You often tend to worry too much and you better let go of all those ghost images. Distraction the magic word this month. Ask yourself these questions: are you the one who you want to be? You are honest to yourself? Are you truly yourself or would you like to be someone else?
In love is a change in the air!
March 2014 is an important month for you on love field. With the position of Venus in your opposite sign Aquarius is emphasized how important the subject relationship to you. The events of the underlying period show how important it is for to feel loved within your relationship and how special your partner is. Your partner would be able to distinguish himself or herself this month by doing something special, such as a delivering a performance. Even more a reason to be proud of!
If you don't have a relationship and are you longing for one, then Mercury in Aquarius is a great opportunity to finding true love in the first half of this month.

Even if you're not in a good shape, you don't have to worry. However, March 2014 ask you to devote extra attention to yourself. In this month existing problems can be solved, solutions and treatments can be found. It will also be a favorable period for physical care, hygiene and beauty experience.

Personal development
Cooperation, being together and communication are of great interest this month. Sometimes you are what fussy and you approach things analytically. Let the things flow and take a chance! Do something unexpected and let everyone be amazed! This month is also good time to have time to yourself and be alone.

Advice for Virgo March 2014:
Have realistic expectations of other people!