Taurus Monthly Horoscope:
March 2014


This month of Spring is characterised by companionship and togetherness for Taurus. Listen to others and do not try to impose your opinion. If you're open to someone else you will learn to see things in a different way. It will enrich your life!

Work, career and money
March is a month in which you are doing very well, from a financial point of view. Dare to be creative with money by taking a risk! On your work it’s all about trying other ways or applying other techniques. All hands on deck! This month is dedicated to discussion, so be prepared on quite some conversation. Ask yourself what you would like to do and whether you're better than than the other one with the same ambitions?
Mars, the planet of action and initiative, goes retrograde on March 1st in the House of work. The effect is not quite positive, because you may be put to the test, you can have lack of energy and motivation and have trouble with the coordination in the implementation of tasks. Also disorganized and impulsive bursts of activity, crisis situations, disagreements, rivalries or other turbulence in relations with colleagues or subordinates. At least stressful situations. In short, the things do not go the way as you would like them to be and you will need all your discipline and planning to succeed.
March 2014 still offers opportunities for promotion and success. No worries about money, but in the second half of March 2014 you have to economize.

Love, relationship and friendship
A new start with a close or loved one is possible this month. An enthusiastic attitude will have a positive effect.
The retrograde Mars begins on 1 March 2014 in the sign Libra and remains retrograde until May 20. The retrograde motion is contradictory, blocks and causes all sorts of discomfort in the area of Relationships. You need to have a very high moral or a very strong relationship to survive this period unscathed! The harmony In your relationship can be disrupted, as you may be faced with medical or professional problems or obstacles from the outside or some unpleasant and burdensome obligations to each other. Happy are you as strong as a bull, so eventually you will survive!

Your health could go anywhere in March, Taurus. Due to the retrograde Mars older ailments may get worse. Be careful this month, because accidents, muscle problems, infection, inflammation, fever, burns, cuts and irritations may occur. To relax it is advisable to practice sports!

Personal development
The month of March is a month of multiple choices. Choices can be confusing, but also lead to personal growth. Don’t allow experiences from the past to be an influence on your past and present. Let go of stress and old routine. Let go of people and things you no longer need. Everything is subject to change. Take enough time before making a decision and take a look at both sides of the story first. If you doubt get advice of someone who is specialized in that particular area. Set your confidence in the future.

Advice for March 2014:
Take part in a collective, creative, esoteric or humanitarian activity !