Scorpio Monthly Horoscope:
March 2014

March is a quiet month with opportunities in your career and love area.

Work, career and money
The month of March is a quiet month for Scorpio. Your career continues and in this relative calm with little negative to be found, it might be a good time for some reflection. Have a critical look at your attitude at your work. Do you like to do the work you do? Is there anything else you would like to do in your life? You may get a kind of Aha moment that can change your life properly. March 2014 lays the emphasis on creativity and talents. In addition, March is suitable to place yourself on the map presenting your skills. Launching of a book, product or an idea? No more wasting your precious time and go for it! You may now be in the right place at the right time, so you can take advantage of an opportunity or a special occasion. Foreign countries traveling, foreign people and cooperation, also initiatives related to housing, buildings or real estate are favorable. Money will not pose many problems this month, as long as you don't waste time on useless but seductive things or expensive hobbies. You might even have the opportunity to solve a former problem or to obtain a sum of money or a property.

Love, relationship and friendship
Also on love area it is a relatively quiet month and with little changes. Make time for your friends and pay attention to your friendships. With your relaxed attitude in your friends circle there will be more and more space for your own place.
You will notice that the atmosphere changes when Venus, the planet of love leaves the sign of Capricorn on March 6 for the sign of Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius is for Scorpio is a much better position, here's Venus not afraid of new experiences!
This month love may undergo a total new dimension! If you travel you may experience a love affair with someone who comes from far. If you have a steady relationship the love fire flares up by curiosity of exciting things.

Be extra careful this month! Watch out for infection. Be careful with fire. You can also get an accident or cuts. Take adequate rest, in order to obtain rest in body and mind.

Personal development
This month it is good to take a critical look at the way how you compose yourself to others. How do you express yourself? What do others think of you or don’t you care? Dare to make a change if needed. Be more open to others and let others come into your life.
It is good to hold on to your emotions. If feeling and sense are in balance, you will see that your life is in balance too.

Advice for Scorpio March 2014:
Beware of the hidden agendas of the people who do not have good intentions!