Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope:
March 2014

After a period of uncertainty and confusion March leads you on the right path again.

Work, career and money
You think that people expect too much of you. The fact is that you can do more than that you are actually think of yourself! You don’t see that, but others do and therefore you think you can’t meet their expectations. You can reach back to the past to move forward, you've already accomplished so much! You should be proud of yourself.
Information and communication are on of the list in March 2014. You will have success in conceiving, editing, writing, translating, counting or drawing. Also you can be successful as a speaker or as a negotiator. Business meetings and trips are profitable. You are now able to make the most awesome things. Key objectives about your position and personal development are on the move again after a rather troubled period in March 2014, however, it is better to be careful and do not rush anything, because it is not yet clear is what you should do. For the Sagittarius is this period better suited for projects that you do independently than in a group. Financially speaking, there are no significant changes in March 2014. To pay for your holiday it is wise to save money.

Love, relationship and friendship
The month of March is an great month of conscious meaning. You think in friendships you do well, but you may do better. When spring begins you have something to celebrate with your loved one. Why not take a road trip together? Mercury is in the House of relationships after being retrograde! Good news for your relationship. After a few weeks of uncertainty, confusion and misunderstanding everything is back to normal. There will be a few thing to work out, but you're on the right track. The problems may be with the house, parents or real estate. If that's the case, then you have to be careful in the second part of March, especially after March 17 2014. During this period, you'd better make no important decisions about the relationship, home or family. New passionate relationships are characterized by surprises.

Your physical condition will improve and there is less stress. In March 2014 you are in a mood to make fun and you have the opportunity to do what you want to do. If you neglected your condition during the winter months, it is now the ideal time to restore it.

Personal development
This month it is good to review your emotions. What's your place in life, does it match your life purpose and vision? Open yourself to the opinions of others, but remain true to yourself. There's so much going on in you that you hide. Others are so willingly to see that side of you.
Conducting in spirituality brings you peace.

Advice for Sagittarius March 2014:
Rely more on your own abilities and do not count too much on others.