Pisces Monthly Horoscope:
March 2014

The month of March is not very prosperous in all areas, growth comes later!

Work, career and money
At work it is not as good, you're in some sort of downward spiral, the speed is out of your career. Quite a while you are faced with setback, while the period before seemed to be going well. Maybe it's time to to change attitude or work. Financially, this month you have to do with setback, making it advisable to delete unnecessary costs. The effort that you deliver will be visible later this year in your work and contributes to the improvement of your status.
Mars retrograde takes place in the House of Money, causing misunderstandings. Avoid financial impulsive behavior and pay your bills on time, look critically to insurance policies and postpone decisions until May 20 2014.
Better not contract a loan or mortgage, Pisces.

Love, relationship and friendship
In this difficult time a family member asks for your help. The circumstances a big impact on your relationship. There is a choice for you, or you grow together through adversity or bend your head to walk the path of least resistance. Be content with less. A ray of hope comes from your circle of friends in the form of an uplifting news. In the first half of March 2014 doesn't happen much in your love life. Both Venus and Mercury are hiding themselves discreetly in the House of Shadows, so that action is avoided or hidden. Nothing significant will happen and if anything happens, it will be something with a secret, forbidden, illegal, or confusing content. In the second half of March 2014 things come to the surface when Mercury enters the sign of Pisces on March 18. Despite all this, there will be many things to be organized in early April. Jupiter in Cancer is pleased with Pisces. Venus looks lovingly at you and promises nice surprises next month.

March 2014 brings confusion for Pisces. Although you are in good physical condition, you may become ill. You find it difficult to relax and you will be overwhelmed by worry. Stress! Hypersensitivity makes your senses sharper, but expose you to all types of turbulence. You may have to deal with a crisis situation or an emergency.

Personal development
Also on a personal and emotional level is March not a good month. You have to deal with a farewell that is heavier than you imagined. The alleged freedom that coincides with this farewell has a bitter-sweet aftertaste. All life is subject to change and sometimes it is better to surrender to the flow of life. The time has come to adjust your goals.

Advice for Pisces:
Think twice before making a decision or take a good advice. Next month will be better.