Libra Monthly Horoscope:
March 2014

This month you get opposition at your work and relationship because of the influence of Mars.

Work, career and money
This month it seems like you will be thwarted in your career. It doesn't seem to go as you would like, because you are confronted with collisions with colleagues, setback and equipment that won’t work the way you would like it to be. Challenges! As you know, there a solution for every problem and also on your work will that will be the case. Keep your cool and your feet warm!
You have been thinking quite a while about a purchase and this month it is possible, now you have saved. However, don’t do this on your own and before you do consult with your loved one!
The elaboration of Mars retrograde in Libra (1th of March to May 20 2014) means in your work a decrease in motivation or a huge increase in ambition, accompanied by rashness and aggressive tendencies. Mars retrograde can slow down your pace of work which affects your professional life.
You better be very careful about how you deal with energy. This period is not meant for starting up new projects, but can be profitable in case of resumption of some existing projects. It is a good period for strengthening your position, adjusting and reorganizing your work. With a little attention you can count on success. You can make a profit in March 2014, but that profit should be carefully managed.

Love, relationship and friendship
During an unexpected getaway with friends to get to know someone with whom you can share feelings, feelings that bother you and none rather would entrust. If you have a steady relationship this month there are problems that need to be addressed. A disagreement should really be discussed.
Dare to show your emotions and hold nothing back.
Mars entered in december 2013 your sign and will remain here until July 2014. A considerable long period with respect to relationships, because Mars is connected to House of relationships. In March 2014, the following things may happen: Tension in your relationship drives you apart, unexpected changes bringing back some misunderstandings of the past and and the return of a long-lost love. Budding romances may drown. It is advisable not to take important decisions regarding the relationship. You'd better wait until May 20, 2014. For now, enjoy the little things of life.


Mars retrograde is not as conducive to the health of Libra. The most secure solution is to maintain a moderate life and avoid danger. A balanced diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Avoid coffee, alcohol and other stimulants. Physical activity will keep you on the right track.

Personal development
It is important to maintain your energy level. Get plenty of rest to build mental resistance. Say goodbye to people and things around you, who are stressful for you. What you need is true friendship, love and appreciation. Letting go is freedom. Sometimes your feelings say yes and your heart says no. Try to find a balance in here.

Advice for Libra March 2014:
Avoid too much of everything and care for discipline!