Leo Monthly Horoscope:
March 2014

Check this month whether your goals are achievable or whether goals should be adjusted if necessary.


Work, career and money
You may expect positive developments in your work this month. If you don't have a job chances are big you're going to get it. At work a discussion can be fortunate.
Every advantage has its disadvantage, because the busier you get at work, the lesser time remains for your private life. In the field of finance it is wise to economize. You can better save money if you want a vacation later this year.
On March 6 2014, Venus leaves the House of Work after spending four months there. That period must have had a special meaning for the relations with colleagues, at work, the working atmosphere and for expressing talent and creativity. Venus brings benevolence, but does not like effort. Without Venus, the things wouldn’t have the same charm, the work would be more sober and more demanding, but so much more dynamic and more professional. Success comes after effort, but good relations, cooperation and partnerships also provide an important contribution. March 2014 will be beneficial to contracts and brings you new alliances or team projects. From a financial point of view, there will be some extra money. A number of things from the past that have not yet been resolved will return to be clarified.

Love, relationship and friendship
Being Leo you have an expressive charisma, captivating many around you with your radiant presence. Also this month communication is uncomplicated, but remain discreet, stay far from gossip and don’t talk about things that you shouldn’t. You can meet someone after March 21 who brings you something special which may be beneficial for your future. If you're still single a friendship could grow into a relationship that will play an important role in the future. The Leo in a relationship sees the romance flare up. Lavish your lover with warmth and nurturance.
Venus has left the House of Work after four months and has entered the House of Relationships. That's good news, because Venus brings harmony, affection and seduction, that is exactly what you need when spring begins! Mercury continued its course at the end of February in the House of Relationships. The first part of the month will be especially suitable for sharing impressions and ideas. A time for discussion on topics that need to be explored and to conducting negotiations. And that includes declarations of love as well! March 2014 is an excellent month for fun and conviviality.

In the first half of March is your vitality a little less, both mentally and physically. Serious health problems, however, are not an issue if you're careful. Anyway, it is of the utmost importance that you take good care of yourself. Don't be cocky and keep yourself on the prescribed treatments if you suffer from a condition.

Personal development
This month the focus is outwards and that means communicating at a high level. Exchanging of views and being aware of multiple views allows you to be able to make an informed decision. This month you can get a great idea that will be a solution for many problems. Discuss anything that bothers you, together you stand stronger !

Advice for March 2014:
Caution is advised when driving or traveling, speak quietly and don’t do more than you need to do!