Gemini Monthly Horoscope:

March 2014


All in all, March will be for Gemini one of the most profitable months of 2014.

Work, career and money

Keep your head this month at your work, give it all the attention, because there are changes on the way. It could be other work, but it can also be a promotion. There is unrest in the workplace by mutual power struggle between colleagues, but also you may have to deal with technical problems.

A month of a whole lot of hard work. Action speak louder than words! The position of Saturn in the House of Work encourages you to work hard. Fortunately, you have the great benefactor Jupiter at your side which guarantees financial success! Your hard work will be fruitful. And that's not all. In March 2014 Saturn also maintains a good relationship with the Sun, which promises success and brightness in the House of Career. In other words, wage to work! Your planet Mercury goes direct since late February and has arrived to the top of the horoscope!


Love, relationship and friendship

At home can expect stress in the form of soft complains. There a many chores you had promised to do. This is the month to do all those things, only then there will be room for depth in your relationship or friendship! Be clear in your friendship or in love, don't beat about the bush. Get away and have some fun this month, you've earned it.

Venus, the planet of love is finally in a favorable position for you, after a four-month long stay in a rather grey area of the horoscope, in your case it happens to be Capricorn! You will get support of Jupiter too. Your planet Mercury accompanies Venus at her journey through Aquarius in the first half of March 2014 and in the second half of March Mercury offers a helping hand to Jupiter!  You don't have to be an astrologer to draw the following conclusion: March 2014 is a good month for your relationship! But keep in mind though, that this only applies to stable relationships. A novice or volatile love or passionate adventure may get a dramatic turn or can be tricky and problematic. In March 2014, the erotic impulse of Mars may cause problems for Gemini by carelessness. Be careful otherwise you will regret it!



It doesn't matter how busy you are, please don't ignore your health! Plan your activities in such a way that sufficient time is left for rest in your everyday life. In March 2014, you will be advised to avoid undesirable conditions such as loud noises, cold, moisture, too little or too bright light and prolonged stress.


Personal development

It is important to always focus on you (end) goal. Check out this challenge. When you think your life is in order, something happens to spoil the fun during the learning process, what life really is. Have you ever thought about the fact that whatever happens is necessary in order to make improvements? If someone makes you a good offer, then listen to your heart. If something is too good to be true, in most cases it is not. Don't keep everything to yourself and discuss with others what bothers you. Help comes from unexpected sources this month!



Advice for March 2014:

Don't be guided by enthusiasm, try to think rationally!