Capricorn Monthly Horoscope:
March 2014

This month you have the brake on your career, but there is growth in your relationship.

Work, career and money
This month it is wise to keep a tight fist around your wallet, Capricorn. In the course of the month you get to do with unexpected costs and then it is wise to have savings. On your work is a challenge to expect. Expanding your network can be a valuable addition for the future.
From 6 March 2014 is Venus in the House of money. Mercury goes direct since the end of the previous month. A change that bring help from partners, employees or employees. Either way, however, the true helping hand comes from a very different angle.
The retrograde Mars, the planet of action and initiative is from March 1 in the tenth House of Career and will remain there until May 20. Not so good news, because Mars retrograde brings delay, complications and distractions from your goals. This period is not favorable for a new beginning or a great success. It would be good for resuming a postponed project. Look at the feasibility of your personal goals for the future and adjust if necessary. Always keep your mind on your goal!

Love, relationship and friendship
It seems as if your partner does not take your feelings into account . The time has now come to talk candidly about this, otherwise at any given time it may run out of control. Clarity between both of you is so much better. You and your partner will understand your own behavior patterns. You will come closer to each other and that's worth a romantic dinner! On March 6, 2014 Venus, the planet of love, will leave the sign Capricorn after spending four months there. Look back on these four months what it has brought you. The departure of Venus from Capricorn will be a relief for you. Venus did not feel comfortable in Capricorn and during that period she could get along very well with the other planets. Jupiter, the great benefactor is now located in the House of Relationships and that is to your advantage. In March 2014 the love may grow in your relationship. However, no high demands on your partner and no high expectations! If there is a problem, discuss it! Clear communication solves almost everything.

Solutions for health problems can be found. You are not yet out of the danger zone, because probably you have to go on travel or expenditure must be done in order to get well.
In the second half of March you should be vigilant for infection or poisoning.

Advice for Capricorn in March 2014:
Take plenty of relaxation and let your imagination speak, by writing, drawing, in short: be creative!