Cancer Monthly Horoscope:
March 2014

This month it is advisable to think about the direction you want to go.

Work, career and money
This month it is advisable to think about the direction you want to go. This objective approach gives insight in your vision for the future. Better be prepared. What do I want to achieve? What does it take to reach my goals? An unexpected stroke of luck helps you to increase your chances. First you serve your own interests. Sometimes you miss opportunities, because you stand up for for others first.
The long stay of the Venus in Capricorn (6 november 2013 until 6 March 2014) has a positive influence on professional relationships, cooperation, associations, contracts, relationships with clients! It is expected that this month Venus in Aquarius also has a positive impact on finances. March 2014 is a good month with regard to success. You could maybe even have to take a number of steps over again in an enterprise or activity that has proved not to be very successful in the past few months. The most interesting events seem to be related to studies, legal requirements, travel and contacts at long range. Cultural activities will be encouraged.

Love, relationship and friendship
Children and young people enjoy your company this month and it is good to give extra attention to them by spending a good time. If you're still single can romance may cross your path. Give more attention to the partner in a steady relationship or to be more tolerant. Don't be so fussy and have some fun. Together, there is so much to discover!
On March 6 2014 Venus leaves the House of relationships after spending four months there. This long-lasting stay of Venus in the House of relationships had a purpose for Cancer. The goal was to dra your attention to certain aspects of the relationship that had to be examined more closely, it is a lesson in tolerance to learn how you or show receive affection. Awareness of the expectations of your partner. Only you will understand, what the message of Venus was following the events that have taken place since november 2013. Everything should settle a bit.
Unless Venus prepares the way for a new love.

In March 2014 you should not have unnecessary worries about your health. Generally, you are in a good shape and as long as you do not overdo, you remain in balance. All you have to do is to watch your weight.
Take plenty of exercise and watch your diet.

Personal development
March is a month to take it easy. Your hard armor shields you off for reality and whilst there is a storm blazing deep within yourself. Hide yourself no longer and take the road of spirituality to take a dive into the depths of your soul. Feel life, it will fulfill you with joy.

Advice for March 2014:
Prevent possible complications associated with home and family!