Aries Monthly Horoscope : March 2014


You hinder yourself through bad experiences from the past and it is now high time release the pain and let go! Spring begins this month so why do not let Spring take place in your own life?
The fresh start is a new chance for happiness for you too. Embrace all the changes in your life, these are cosmic gifts. Make time for your friends and acquaintances. No time? Then make time!
March 2014 will be a month of new experiences and changes to Aries, both in relationships and in career.

Work, career and money
In your work major changes are taking place due to the astrological calendar, a phase of growth which has already begun in February. Consider the chance of a new job or a new position within the company where you work.
This will give your life a new momentum and a completely different direction, which enables you to do the things you always wanted to do.
Aries always want to start with new things, but at the same time you also fear to do so. Let your fear go and see what happens. If you get a nice deal at work, then go for it.
To get forward, you only have to make those steps. Let creative inspirations from your adventurous spirit run free. It is now about you and what is most important to you!
Mercury goes direct again in March 2014 and this energy misunderstandings are cleared up and things will go back to normal. In March 2014 you can enjoy the benefit of joint projects and shared interests of motivated employees.
Keeps in mind, however, that not everyone loves you! The Retrograde Mars in the House of Relationships awakens older enmities.
This can be upsetting in the collaboration of relationships and partnerships and can lead to seizures and confrontations. It is not excluded that even you will be dealing with defamation or treason.
Gains can be achieved in March 2014, but be careful when it comes to financial institutions such as banks and tax authorities.

Love, relationship and friendships.
When Spring begins on March 21, the Sun is in your sign! The bachelor Aries can meet someone who may play a major role in your life. The time has come to redeem your fear of commitment.
Mars, the ruler of Aries, will retrograde on March 1, 2014 in the House of Relationships.
The opposite movement, which will last until May 20, 2014, is the harbinger of a complex period, which is dotted with unexpected event and unpredictable situations.
Another effect of Mars retrograde is a blast from the past: a previous relationship requires attention or topics that were not cleared or expressed come back to you to be discussed.
Mars has a fiery, but also contradictory character. The thin line between love and hate, jealousy and rivalry are characteristic of Mars. The energy of Mars retrograde focuses on relationships to check how strong they are.
It is not excluded that this energy will also bring you a new love.


Although you feel progressively better does not mean you're completely out of danger. Stress is one of the worst enemies of the Aries in March 2014 and carelessness and exaggeration may bring you into unwanted situations.
The risk of accidents and incidents will be bigger and the risk of getting sick will be higher in the second half of the month.

Personal development
A new situation at work brings better financial prospects. However, there is more to life than work and money. The time has come to pay attention to your emotional experience.
Not all targets are accessible when you only focus on work and material things. To focus on spiritual and psychological development eventually leads the way to satisfaction and intense happiness.

Advice for March 2014 :
Avoid conditions that can lead to conflicts!