Aquarius Monthly Horoscope:
March 2014

March is generally a good month for career and love.

Work, career and money
You have listened to good advice, what gave you the insight that a little chance can be very good at work. Because you'll feel so good you are doing well at work and that also applies to the contact that you have with your colleagues and managers. If you're looking for a job you can be invited for further conversation with views to a permanent contract.
A productive month, which offers nice profits. Jupiter gives extra energy and enthusiasm in the sixth House of Work and together with the charm that Venus gives you people want to work with you, you will be noticed and you get what you wish for, such as favors and new contracts. To March 17 2014 you can take advantage of the presence of Mercury in Aquarius: your mind will be very sharp, ideas flow naturally and you express yourself well, both written and in words. Difficulties are to be expected in studies, contacts with universities, research institutes, publishing houses and cultural institutions. Short trips and contacts with people from abroad have to be approached with caution in March 2014 because these incidents and may cause problems.

Love, relationship and friendship
March 2014 is a month of love for Aquarius! In this month of spring a short and intense romantic moment can bring you in higher spheres. If you have a steady relationship are you going to do something together, a common goal to pursue. A time to celebrate! It is important not forget your family by paying a unexpected visit. It will surely be appreciated!
Mercury is in Aquarius up to March 17 and Venus, planet of Love is in your sign too from March 5, 2014, which is the cosmic recipe for a sensual month. With Mercury and Venus are you more attractive. At the same time the affection strengthens and you will have a great need for contact and tenderness. At least you can count on compliments! Be careful, however, because you can’t say no to all temptations that come your way. For the Aquarius with a fixed relationship is March 2014 a beautiful month of harmony, fun and togetherness.

You are in an excellent form, especially in the first two weeks of March 2014 are you full of energy and vitality and gives you a sunny mood. Theoretically, you don't have to be concerned about your health. Despite all this, you have to be careful, because of Jupiter there is a risk of exaggeration. Pay particular attention to sweets and all delights with a high calorie content. Take it easy, Aquarius.
Peace of mind is peace in your life. .

Personal development
Very often you point others on nasty habits and you provide them with all kinds of great tips. In your good intentions you forget that your habits sometimes need room for improvement. Keep looking in that other mirror.
You will be amazed at the result.

Advice for Aquarius March 2014:
Enjoy this month, but take care of yourself.