Astrological Forecast March 2014.

February 2014 was a month without a New Moon ...
This month we have not only one, but no less than two !
In March, we say goodbye to the winter and we welcome the Spring.
This dynamic month of Spring Neptune supports our imagination and intuition and bring out our creativity.
The emotional Water Force of the Sun and Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer make March a month of tolerance, cooperation and partnerships.
Two important planets that have a major impact on our lives go retrograde this month, Mars in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio.
March 2014 is an interlude in the run up to a cosmic restless period, which will take place in April 2014. March is a month of potential opportunities that require both flexibility and prudence. It is the prelude to a new direction in different habitats for all of us.
The really new perspective will be visible in the coming months .
After its first retrograde period of 2014 Mercury is heading in direct motion, still slow off course. Many things in the field of communication, information, news, offers, travel documents and all those things left behind are to be updated and finished. Mercury is not yet at full power, so it is advisable to consider any proposal or decision very careful until mid-March.
Venus will be leaving early this month the sign of Capricorn after a long stay of four months. It's the end of a cycle that was dominated by conditioned love and cooperation. At a general level relationships will undergo a refreshing process.
At the beginning of March iMars in Libra will turn retrograde. It's not a good time to begin with something new. Whatever begins with the retrograde Mars seldom ends well. Until May 20 it is recommended to choose for consolidation, restoration and reorganization. This entire period will often lack energy. It's a good thing to spread your energy and to spend it well. Rash and impulsive acting does not turn out good. During this period it is better to remain where you are and do not move!

On Saturday, March 1 we have the New Moon in the sign of Pisces, which means water, water and more water. The name given to the merging of the Sun and the Moon is the New Spring Moon, the theme is balance with attention to creative possibilities and creative powers. Pisces is the last of our zodiac constellation. Here the individual is connected with the big picture, the Universe. The connection of this New Moon with the mystical Neptune and Chiron in Pisces symbolizes our spiritual potential to cure past hurts. In the arms of Neptune soul healing takes place through relaxation, creativity, music, beauty perception, writing and painting. To avoid confusion, it is advisable to prepare any plans very careful.
Also on March th, Mars, the planet of action and decisiveness turns retrograde at 23:32 degrees Libra. This retrograde period which will last until May 20th. Mars remains for a total of seven and a half months in Libra and enters on July 27, 2014 the sign of Scorpio. The planet Mars symbolizes action, assertiveness and willpower, but also anger and impulsive behavior. A retrograde cycle calls us to refocus our energy and enthusiasm. The Air sign of Libra is about relationships, cooperation, diplomacy, fairness, balance and mediation. The retrograde Mars in Libra is also this month in opposition to Uranus in Aries and urges us to fight for peace. All this will lead to collective social change. A very unstable situation, which paves the way to global unrest, riots and financial debacles with an unprecedented desire for freedom. The artistic aspect such as art, music, architecture and beauty is supported by Mars retrograde wholeheartedly! However, this period is not a good time for the use of more direct and dynamic methods. During this period, the energy, progress and enterprise are less for us. This period may feel static and you do not know how to move forward. An advantage of the lack of energy is that thoughtfulness will be larger then rushed acts. Past conflicts occur in this period in order to be resolved.
More about Mars retrograde in 2014 can be read on this website!

Following Mars, on Sunday, March 2 Saturn, the planet of Karma and Responsibility, will also turn retrograde until July 20, 2014. Saturn in Scorpio has since the beginning of October 2012, caused many of us facing a difficult and painful process to get imbalance into balance.
Read more about Saturn retrograde on this site !

Just before Venus leaves the sign of Capricorn for Aquarius, it will form on Monday, March 3 a square with Mars retrograde in Libra. Challenges in relationships related to love, money and action are possible today. A day of controlled passion and armed peace at work and in private, so to speak. The beginning of the week is dominated by ambition and idealism. Try to avoid impulsive actions and drive carefully. Make sure the goals you set are realistic and achievable. The fiery energy flows gradually to a terrestrial atmosphere !

On Thursday, March 6th Jupiter, our biggest planet that symbolizes prosperity and growth awakens at 10°27 in Cancer from his retrograde sleep and resumes rapidly his journey through this Water sign. The retrograde period of Jupiter in Cancer began on November 7th 2013 at the point of 20°31 in Cancer. On May 31 2014 it will be again at exactly the same place where it went retrograde on November 7, 2013! All processes associated with Jupiter have the wind in their sails, think of higher studies, travel, foreign countries and justice. A positive contribution to the search for meaning and growth on many levels! The downside is that we tend to exaggerate or just go too far in what we want to have or want to do.
Until early December 2014 Jupiter will be in direct motion and that means great good news for Cancer who gets more opportunities to shine, receive promotions and rewards or more simply to be more optimistic about life. During a direct passage of Jupiter optimism, expansive growth, truth, belief and ideology are strengthened. Along with Mars, Jupiter sets the fire under the current transformational Uranus-Pluto square aspect next month. Expectations are generally sudden development, disruptions and other profound changes in the world and in our personal lives.

Today is also the day that Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, after spending four months in the traditional earthy Capricorn, makes her transition to the freedom-loving Air sign Aquarius. Aquarius is influenced by the rebel Uranus and in this zodiac sign Venus likes to experiment and doesn’t want to commit to one person at a time. Here she is unconventional and longing for freedom and unconditional love. With this shift comes an end of a cycle that was marked by cooperation and conditional love. The move to Aquarius feels like a refreshing shower for couples! Generally love will carry up to a freedom-loving character to April 5 2014.
On a personal level, this energy leads to a more independent attitude towards those who are dear to us. Make clear a relationship how much freedom you need.

During the first weekend of March 2014, the Waxing Moon in Gemini we are on the move or traveling, talkative and organizing. Watch your spending, because now Jupiter is right again, the budget may be exceeded.
There is an atmosphere of excitement in the air now Spring is approaching!

As the second week of March begins, the Moon is in Cancer and the focus lies on the house, family and children. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the perfect days to get things done in your house. Writing a sensitive letter or email is so easily to the Moon in Cancer!

However, on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 11 and 12 Mercury in Aquarius forms a square aspect to Saturn in Scorpio. Expect some possible delays and obstacles in the field of communication or travel today. The pace is slower and more controlled. This aspect supports study, serious conversations and mental focus.

When the Moon is in Leo, Thursday 13 and Friday 14 promise to be good days to convince to sign a contract or to ask someone a favor. Or have a look in the mirror!

On Saturday, March 15, the almost Full Moon is in the earth sign Virgo and that's a good weekend to bring financial affairs in order, counting, organizing business or to clean your house.
Children and family ask your attention!

On Sunday, March 16th we have a Full Snow Moon in the dedicated Earth Virgo.
The theme is to find playfulness and vitality of spring in yourself. During a Full Moon the proposed plans that are made with New Moon are scrutinized whether they are feasible or not yet. The with New Moon planted seeds germinates in the dark earth and want to grow or not. This information is hidden in the seed and cannot be changed at this time.
The last Full Moon just before the Spring Equinox brings us into contact with questions about the contrast of daily work routine and spirituality. The Full Moon shines its full light on this contradiction, both within us as individuals, but also in the social sphere. In the rational world where we live the balance between work and spirituality has gone. Materialism and greed do not meet with the deeper spiritual need for unity and this shortage is demonstrated by this Full Moon.

Monday, March 17 is still dominated by the Full Moon in Virgo energy, there is an outspoken energy. Criticism is leveled when a rather conservative view is proclaimed.

On March 17 and 18, the tension of the Great Square between Pluto and Uranus is strongly felt by the influence of the retrograde Mars in Libra.
We can ward off the resulting voltage to act by reacting in a loving way and to delve into the real intention of the other.

Tuesday and Wednesday March 18 and 19 are pleasant days with the Moon in Libra. They are eminent days to go shopping or to go to a museum!

On Tuesday, March 18 swaps our cosmic messenger Mercury the Air sign of Aquarius for the Water sign of Pisces. In the emotional waters of Pisces Mercury is very intuitive and responsive to get sensitive information from other worlds. In the coming weeks, our thoughts are imaginative, inspired and creative. Mercury naturally wants facts to be rationalizes and classified. At this time it can be difficult to choose a specific subject or discipline. Those with spiritual study discipline, benefit from Mercury in Pisces.

On Friday, March 21 we celebrate the Spring Equinox, the beginning of Spring, when the Sun enters enters the first fire sign of the zodiac Aries at 0 degrees.
Today, day and night are of equal length and henceforth the days will lengthen. The firepower of Aries symbolizes a new beginning, gives us the energy that is needed to convert our plans and projects in motion. The time has come that we actually achieve these plans and ideas.
We celebrate the feast of Ostara, the goddess of the radiant light, growth and creation. A particularly strong period, which supports us with renewed energy in a positive way.

On Sunday, March 23 Mercury merges with Neptune in Pisces, an imaginative energy of love! Together they make a connection with Jupiter in Cancer causing the magical, intuitive atmosphere of compassion to be enhanced. A positive flow of opportunities and imagination brings psychic intuition into a higher dimension. The language of the Moon in Sagittarius is outspoken and adventurous, so many hearts will be on fire!

On Monday and Tuesday, March 24 and 25, the Moon is in Capricorn and the energy of love made way for a far more controlled distance and atmosphere. Days to keep your head clear, for setting goals and to do the things that need to be done.
From Wednesday, March 26th, the softer energy will return.

The Moon in Aquarius is in its Last Quarter phase, a phase of letting go and silence. The flowing water is symbolized in Aquarius is the collective consciousness. Higher thoughts and a humanitarian institution lead to a tolerant atmosphere.
On Friday and Saturday March 29 and 30, the Moon in the Water sign of Pisces. This dreamy atmosphere nurtures creativity and different forms of art.

On Sunday, March 30 Venus in Aquarius forms a square with Saturn in Scorpio. Since both can not get along with each another, there is caution in the areas of love and finances. The monitoring and serious nature is mitigated by the Triangle of Venus with Mars, which provides a social and frivolous touch to this Sunday .

As March began with a New Moon, thus March ends on March 30, again with a New Moon, this time at 9 degrees in fire sign of Aries. The Sun and the Moon in Aries melt together on the same spot where Uranus is located, joining the square to Pluto in Capricorn. The energy of the New Moon activates the dynamic Pluto - Uranus square, which has caused so many revolutions and radical revolutions in this time. A New Moon in Aries is about a new beginning. This applies to us as individuals and the society in which we live. Maybe we can use the energy of the New Moon to start something new or to liberate ourselves.
The New Moon in Aries is a breakthrough on many levels and is used mainly for the potential energy, which is in principle infinite available.
This New Moon in Aries merges with Uranus. A new beginning that is energetic charged with innovation, invention, individuality, freedom, progress, ambition and idealism. A favorable time to network in an independent way, to launch a website or to make new friends. In your own horoscope can be traced at 9 degrees Aries to which you are called and in what area you dare to be different the next month.

On Monday, March 31, the Sun in Aries forms a square aspect with Jupiter in Cancer. This dynamic link emphasizes optimism and truth, but also exaggeration and restlessness.
Life never stands still and whatever the changes are, whether natural or man- caused, they are an integral and necessary part of life itself and our own human evolution.