Virgo June 2014.


Virgo June 2014.

June 2014 focuses on changes and adjustment of professional goals. It is a month to make strategic plans for the future, but to postpone its implementation to a more favorable period.

There are plenty of possibilities, but it's better not to launch yourself in an adventure too soon. Allow a young love to grow before turning it in a committed relationship. At the end of the month there is a party with friends and family. There is more romance in your relationship.

Turbulent conditions in the family this month. A parent or elder member of the family may be committed in the hospital. A short trip can be arranged to restore contacts within the family.

There may be challenges in your career, especially on June 7 and 8. Even though you have the cooperation of the Executive Board, you have to fight for promotion or achieving your goals. Good days are June 4 to 6. On June 18 you can get an offer, think careful about this. It may be that you leave an existing job to do something new. You learn to know new people from other circles that you are used to. They offer you new perspectives which bring you to an idea. A creative hobby could be your new job. You plan to work from home, but people think you are not able to do so.

June 2014 is a financially stable month. Due to the influence of Mars you tend to impulsive shopping. When you plan to go shopping you'd better bring someone who does not like shopping at all. It really helps! Family and friends support you financially. On june 21 It is possible that an apply for a loan is rejected. Investments can be better put off. An investment from the past offers you leeway.

Your health is good if you regularly take time to relax to release the stress. Watch your diet. Too much or too little of anything can lead to health problems.

There is a great urge to make radical changes. With the advice of a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces better results could be made.
Stay positive, Virgin.