Taurus June 2014.


Taurus June 2014.


June 2014 is an auspicious month of positive energy, luck, fortune and fast successive changes. Do not be afraid of these changes. Those changes will become fixed values in your life. Your planet Venus is in Taurus until the end of this month. Life is good. Count your blessings, even though there may be challenging moments.

Major changes in an existing or budding relationship. Don’t take your beloved for granted, but surprise him or her with a romantic dinner! If you're in love it's time to take another serious step! If you are single there someone that you are thinking about. In the first week of June you'll meet that special someone with whom you share common interests. Around 18 June you will learn this someone much better. Your friends appreciate you for your ability of solving problems.

Family matters ask for your attention. It's good to return to your roots! Go there together, it will do family relationships a lot of good. In recent years family, friends and neighbors have made their contribution to your life and your career, so now it’s your turn.
You may need to let go of bothering situation. A good moment to do so is with the full moon of June 13th.

Positive changes happen in your career if you have a good plan. Set your goals and go for it. Thanks to Venus, this month is convenient to start a new company and to invest. Good days are 4 to 7 June. An existing company makes profit. Maybe you think on a new car or house. Venus also increases your charm and fun at your work. It could also be the case that you think about changing your job. Around June 15, there may be a misunderstanding with your boss, colleague or partner. However, your more assertive attitude is positively received by your boss and superiors. Let trivial things for what they are. Take action to achieve what you want to achieve!

A new company makes profit. it is recommended not to take big risks and do no unnecessary large expenditures this month. Your fortune may slide through your fingers. Around June 12, there may be an expense that has to do with a previous relationship.

Due to your career, your health comes second. Get enough exercise and a good diet to stay in shape. Especially on 25 June, it is advisable to have a good breakfast, because this is a challenging day for you.

Stick to yourself on 7 and 14 June, because on those challenging days things go so much different than you expect.
Do not go ignore problems, because you know how to solve them effortlessly.