Sagittarius June 2014.


Sagittarius June 2014.

June 2014 is not really a month to make progress. Try not to force things, but nevertheless let things happen at their own pace. The Full Moon of June 13 is in your sign and is into the House of Personality. This gives you more energy and sense of adventure. At the end of the month with the New Moon opportunities are created for a new relationship. June 2014 is an excellent month to broaden your horizons.

You are this month focused on the other. Many opportunities in the beautiful month of June to get a new relationship. Charming as you are you know how to win a heart! With your naturally optimistic attitude you know how to brighten up the day. This month, you will meet many new people. Good days are in the first week of June. On june 20, listen carefully to what your partner has to tell you. Problems in your relationship come from the outside. Also the last week of June has many surprises in store.

Family matters end up well this month. Be careful on June 7. Mercury goes retrograde on that day and that is not a good day to be with your brother or sister to talk about some difficulty. Emotions run high that day. Take a walk and talk further when things calm down.

There is a strong focus on the work in June 2014. You have excellent leadership qualities. When you are assigned with a special project you will reap admiration. Find new people who want to be part of your project. Remain professional and don't get carried away by emotions. It is recommended that current projects are finished in the first half of the month. In the second half of June obstacles can occur in your job. After June 23, there is the possibility to change jobs within the company or elsewhere. You will have to answer for work that is not properly finished.

June 2014 shows a nice financial picture. There will be enough money to facilitate basic obligations. On June 7, there may be a disagreement about a loan, debt or inheritance. On June 24, a financial windfall may occur. After June 23, there may be more money coming in by another appointment in the company where you work or with another boss. Financial support you can expect through your partner or family members.

After the third week of June your physical condition improves and you get more energy. It is good to take rest in between. Around June 15, you can catch a cold. By influence of Venus you are self indulgent. Feel free to go to a party, eat and drink, but don’t lose your head.

Beware of June 7. Think very carefully about everything you do, no hasty and impulsive actions, purchases and promises. Especially around the New Moon on June 27.