Pisces June 2014.


Pisces June 2014.

The creative month of June is a good month to renovate your house or to furnish your home. This month focuses on releasing negative energy. It is a month with surprises, but there are also dramas. Generally things get better from the third week of June.

June 2014 is the month of love! A month of romance and new adventures in your relationship. The free Pisces would rather experience fun than have a serious connection with someone. Budding love affairs will soon be converted into a firm commitment. You are going to think differently about someone who you deeply admire. Who is that silent admirer? In any case, a family man, someone who looks like you. Let know what you really want.

In June 2014 there are lots of possibilities to be together with the family. Try to stay calm and not to react so violently over trivial matters. Starting from June 22, the Sun in Cancer is traveling through your House of Love and that means that a period of fun dawns for you. You've earned it to be with family, children and friends to enjoy all that life has to offer. On the last day of June listen to what your parents have to say about what is about to happen.

In the workplace, there may be disputes between colleagues. The atmosphere is not too good. On June 7 something happens which you did not expect. Ascending emotions with your colleagues or your partner at home make things on the emotional level extra complicated. Around June 10, the atmosphere improves and you get more time to complete matters at work.
Your hard work in the past period casts its rewarding fruit in June 2014. You still have a lot of need to do, but now you see the positive results. Don't be reticent when you know you've earned a promotion or extra reward for your efforts.
The Full Moon of June 13, it shines her light on your House of Career. Try to divide your tasks at work and at home as much as possible. Use your instincts if you have to choose between work and private life.

A positive financial month. Especially at the end of the month things look good. You tend to put yourself in speculative adventures, but it is better not to do a large expenditure now.
A good date for money matters in June 6, when the Sun and Uranus make a connection. Listen to that good advice. It leads to the financial freedom that you so badly need.

The Sun heats up body and soul and that is reflected in your health. A hobby brings you in the first week of June to unknown worlds. Walking, gardening and taking part in creative activities will give you strength and inspiration. After the third week of June you need more rest.

Stay away from negative energies. Take a revitalizing journey with the Full Moon of June 13. By grounding in Mother Nature you will find strength to connect heart and mind. You get peace of mind to do the things that you need to do.