Libra June 2014.


Libra June 2014.

June 2014 is a favorable month to reassess your goals. It is a month of reflection in which the focus lie on career and self-development. A less good month for finances and career. Your confidence and independent attitude is remarkable. You don’t want this any longer, enough is enough! By the New Moon on June 27 you are on top of things.

A favorable month for the single Libra to meet a new love. This new love brings you further in your career or status. The balance must be restored in an existing relationship by listening to your partner. This month a new friendship or alliance can contribute to your social life. Also old friendships can be valuable to make dreams come true. You spent a lot of time with friends. A superficial friendship can delve into a serious relationship. A friend can move to another city.

Your family requires a lot of attention this month. In the first week of June your own family and home ask your attention. You are actively engaged in odd jobs, painting, furnishing or decorating. At the end of the month there is a small family gathering or reunion. You can find a good friend in a nephew or niece.

At work there is a cut-throat competition. Difficult and challenging days are June 8 and 12, June 14 and 15. They are days of criticism and complains about something that you had not intended to say or do. You feel frustrated because you think you are somehow stopped. Your boss and your friends support you. You survive all the challenges. Good days for your career are June 4 and 5. Around June 23 you customize your resume. The New Moon is on June 27 in your House of Career and that means success. Are you ready?

Despite of your efforts, it seems like you're getting short of money. Look at this matter from a spiritual point of view. Ask yourself: Why does this happen to me? What do I actually need be really happy? The Full Moon on June 13, allows you the opportunity to get in touch with a financial advisor. This advisor shows you the way and helps you with budgeting and investing. Due to this encounter you regain confidence.

There are no major problems in your health. Don’t take the world on your shoulders. Save your strength.

Your intuition will be increased during June 2014. Use this time. You feel a bit lonely, but you'll know to overcome this feeling of loneliness. Dreams can become reality in June 2014.
Make only promises you can keep.