Leo June 2014.


Leo June 2014.

Your life is lapping on without too many problems. June 2014 is a month to to strengthen your emotional stability and friendships. There is a strong focus at your domestic affairs.

June 2014 is not really a good month to make an important official step in your relationship. Wait a while, but make plans. The best chance to meet someone is during a business meeting or a party with friends. You meet new and exciting people who are just like you. In a fixed relationship romance flourishes. Listen to your partner. Good news gives you an energy boost!

The relationship within the family is peaceful. Children and parents are a supporting factor. The focus lie on the younger members in the family. They desperately need your help and advice now. Money always helps, but it is just as important to show that you care. Mercury retrograde bring back memories that you can not ignore. You think about your own family and how your upbringing has affected you. From June 2 to 13 it is good to make a number of decisions about your home. It's good to keep a diary to write down your thoughts and feelings. Good days for home or work at home are June 4 and 5.

Social contacts are conducive to your career. Success is guaranteed if you pay attention to the details. If you have your own business you can look forward to new orders. In the first week of June you receive news about a promotion and starting from June 20, you can get new tasks and responsibilities. On June 11, there may be a dispute with your boss. This blows over, but avoid gossiping with colleagues. On June 19 you are on your toes. You can get the job of your dreams or have the ambition to get this. Go to school, do that study! It's your life, make the most of it!

June 2014 is a lucky month. Your earnings are stable. However, it's not good to invest or do large purchases. Listen carefully to your accountant or what financial advisers telling you. Starting from June 15, you will be able to pay off debts.

Your health improves with proper rest and relaxation.
Around June 15, there is a tremendous strain. Lots of things are going on and you stand in the middle of it all. Sometimes you scream more than you talk. Don't be so angry at others. They also do their best.

Be careful and take a good earthy advice from a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn to heart.
June will quickly pass. You will learn this month that there is more to life than work and status.
Make sure your car is insured from 15 June. Interesting days are June 28 and 29. Maybe a short vacation?