Capricorn june 2014.


Capricorn june 2014.

June 2014 is the month of romance and social interactions. For you it seems as if there is no progress in life, but that does not mean that nothing happens. If life is a little less, add a little bit more.

This month there is love in abundance and there's more to come! It starts on June 1, but June 9 promises to be quite a nice day. Venus and Pluto are joining the Houses of Love and Personality. That’s why you are noticed immediately! You don't need any word to say, because you are in the picture. You look different and that should be further examined! The single Capricorn meet someone who is as successful as you. Venus wants the very best for you. Be on your guard around June 29. Listen to friends and try to take their good advice to heart.

June is a month in which a right balance should be found between family and work. At the end of the month there is a family gathering. You will be able to strengthen relationships with old friends and family. Home and garden ask your attention. When your home is under control, you may find yourself focus on your social goals.

Your career can be rather challenging in June 2014. You can use the help of a friend for good advice. You can get disturbing news about your work, but think first before you speak. Let negative news do not affect your thinking. Avoid confrontations both at home and with colleagues. The mutual contact with colleagues is good and inspiring. In the first week of June all is well at work and may you have many things to complete successfully. At the end of the month you will be extra busy at work.

The financial picture is rocking in June 2014. Anyway, your earnings are sufficient. This month better no investments or unnecessary purchases. If you are looking for new sources of income on the creative area, then June 19 is a suitable day. On that day you win the information you need to get started or about a financial investment. The universe is at your side and opens doors for you. A friend helps you with your financial burden and comes up with solutions for your problems in this respect.

Your health comes first! Get plenty of physical exercise in June. Mid-June you may fall and sprain your ankle. With the Summer Solstice on June 21, you get more energy and there is more time for yourself. You will find the motivation and inspiration to tackle something new.

Your patience is put to the test by an air sign Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Try to stay calm, no angry words or sarcastic comments. Stay calm on June 7 as Mercury goes retrograde.
Please pay attention in traffic and ignore sociopathic road users.