Cancer June 2014.


Cancer June 2014.

June is a month of reflecting the events in your life and to make plans for the future. Progress comes slowly but surely. This month are you going to win a fight. With yourself? Under the New Moon in Cancer of June 27 you come to life. Everything falls into place. Until mid July a stream of renewed energy brings happiness, personal and emotional freedom.

June 2014 is a nice month for love! The free Cancer finds his or her dream partner. In a fixed relationship there is more love and intimacy, also with family and friends! Friends give you a sense of safety and security. Around June 12 jealousy may occur. Talk about it an open a confident way to find a solution. Don't put it off, before it gets out of hand. Don't let yourself go when you hear something you dislike.

You feel as if your family don’t care about your feelings. Without any reason, you may be hurt by something you overhear or experience within the family.

This month there are unexpected changes in the workplace. With a confident attitude and expertise you know to overcome these problems. There are a number of new opportunities on the horizon that you should grab with both hands. Stay away from jarring and gossip concerning someone in the office, because someone soon may be gossipping over you. You know how much emotional pain gossip causes. Don’t sign contracts on june 7 and don’t use your car on june 19. A compliment on 23 June has an ulterior motive. Good days for business and promotion are June 8, 13, 24 and 25. On June 15 and 18 you'll get help from above.

A prosperous month. Look for financial contacts that are profitable. Networking, get the information you need, accept invitations and visit financial seminars, as often if you can. Good days to network are June 4, 9 and 19. Put in your charm with financial negotiations. Listen carefully to what you hear. If you keep your ears wide open, you hear something good which comes in handy.

Your health is good. Make the most of the positive energy that is surrounding you. Good health comes with good energy.

The Moon rules Cancer and its influence is important in your life. On June 8, the Moon fights with Mars and Uranus. Just listen and don’t decide yet. Don’t say something which you regret later. At the beginning of July you know exactly what you need to know.