Aries June 2014.


Aries June 2014.

Your planet Mars is direct again, but it takes a while before it goes full ahead. Your life is still on the back burner. Use this time to strengthen the relationship with your family and emotional aspects. In June friendly contacts are needed to reach your goals. Be careful with what you say, especially in the first part of June. After June 16 a positive change appears in your life with lots of new people to meet.

From the second half of June a special meeting may set the heart of the Aries on fire. It will be someone who you admire and allows to be yourself. Also in a fixed relationship there is a renewed love energy. You have a direct way of responding which can sometimes put off people. Use your instincts to hit the right note. There are friends who are going to take a long journey.

There are some problems within the family having to do with brothers or sisters. You can restore the peace by remaining quiet. Your home and house requires and adjustment for the coming period. That can be a challenge, but your friends are there for you to help you out. It is possible that you travel with family or friends. This journey provides new experiences and discoveries about yourself.

In the first week of June there are irritations at work with colleagues. In the second half of June there are some organizational changes. In the last week of the month are you aware of the fact that you are watched. Are you happy in your work or with your working conditions? If you are not happy, the time has come to seek a new challenge and spread your wings. Make sure you take the right decision.

June 2014 is a good financial month, especially starting from 18 June. There will be enough money, but budget monitoring is recommended to prevent subsequent problems. On June 15, there may be a dispute with investors.

To channel your energy it is recommended to bring a visit to the gym in the second half of June. Take some time off to get rest and relaxation. The entire month of June you are not complaining about your health, but you can get dental problems.

Do not worry too much, your time is coming. A holiday will help you to understand individual problems and give you a positive look at the future.
Good days are 3 and 5 June. The lesser days are 14, 15 and 16 June.