Aquarius June 2014.


Aquarius June 2014.

June 2014 is a creative month of emotional and social development. A month to solve problems. Allow yourself to go on the flow of life. This month, a balanced bridge will be built between home and work. By tackling problems at home from a broader and tolerant perspective, there is more time for relaxation and you can pay more attention to the needs of your loved ones.

The journey of Venus in Taurus provides a loving and quiet atmosphere. You prefer to stay at home with friends and you don't feel like to go out. The Full Moon is in your House of friendships on June 13. If you are looking for a new love, is that of transient nature. If you want to end a relationship, let him or her go with loving tact. From June 17 your focus is shifting from home to relationships which gives you a different look on love, children and friends. Don't mix in discussions with friends and don't judge. Don't fight with authorities, because that makes no sense. On June 20, there may be an argument with your partner. In the last week of June you may be caught up in a net of uncertainties. You soon find out what is going on.

You find emotional support with your family. The New Moon on June 27 is a good moment to count all the blessings of your life and to express your love and appreciation to everyone you hold dear.

In June 2014 you will get more responsibilities. The harder you work, the higher your reward. In the middle of the month you are so busy, that you won’t have spare time. A day with challenges is June 7. It is a day when colleagues disagree with you.
With the Full Moon of June 13, you get a chance in the form of an invitation. This invitation can provide great strides forward. At the end of the month you have a good idea. You would like to change something to your workplace.

Your financial situation is rocking, but there is enough money coming in. Proper management of investment and expenditure is recommended. Financial freedom can be obtained by working from home.
Starting from June 8, the opportunity grows for an investment and on June 18 the handshake of Venus and Pluto give a possibility to get a loan. From that date you'll get help of Jupiter whereby success is assured. Keep thinking logically. Real estate and major repairs to the house are matters that are fruitful this year.

No problems this month. You've always been busy, but due to Venus in Taurus you have less energy. In order to maintain good health, it is necessary to do regular physical exercises. Because of your work, you have stress. Take plenty of rest and good nutrition. You may catch a cold.

Good days for you are June 4 and 5. On June 7 and 9 do you need a moment to yourself. Listen to yourself.