MonthlyHoroscope june 2014

Astrological forecast June 2014.

The first summer month of 2014 offers us an exceptional month of challenges and uncertainties. June is also a month of hope. A month in which both Mercury and Neptune will be retrograde. The radiant center of the sky, our Sun will be until 21 June in the cheerful sign Gemini. After that the Sun is obeyed to the eternal law of planetary dynamics by inserting itself on June 22 in the Water sign of Cancer. The summer begins!
In the month of June 2014 we remain in the explosive roller coaster-energy caused by the challenging T-square which, since 2011, is formed between Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra. This heavenly call offers an enormous potential for fruitful development and positive growth, but not everyone sees those positive opportunities. Due to this planetary stress conflict, on planet Earth we have to deal with war, threat of war, attacks and extreme natural phenomena.
Time seems to expire much faster than it actually does, caused by all those successive developments.
June 2014 is not the best month for making decisive agreements in trade and politics. Mercury retrograde is actually a blessing. This cosmic energy allows us to go back to previously created appointments and actions to evaluate, renovation and reassess, if necessary.

For the zodiac signs:
June is the sixth month of the calendar year 2014 and the month in which an important dynamic shift will take place, especially for the zodiacal signs Gemini and Cancer. Due to Mercury, both characters have to to deal with an almost unpredictable course of their lives and although both can expect big changes, the sign of Gemini will be faced with even greater challenges this month. Especially for Gemini there are good opportunities in career and finances. Both Gemini and Cancer are faced with barriers in love.
Health seems to be an important theme in June 2014 for many of the signs of the Zodiac, especially for the Water sign of Pisces. June 2014 is an interesting month for many signs of the zodiac. Think of more work in the form of new projects. The sign of Pisces will be rewarded for the hard work of some time ago, while there is a strong focus on reflection for Libra. Virgo can face a number of health problems during June 2014 and have to be careful with their diet. Scorpio goes on a trip. For Aries a career change is on the horizon in June 2014.

Important dates:
Sunday 1 June: Jupiter now stands at 20º Cancer and has withdrawn itself from the Grand Cross of Pluto, Uranus and Mars.

Wednesday June 4: Venus in Taurus smiles at Neptune in Pisces gives wings to your dreams. Creative fantasies fade problems into the background. You would wish that this energy would continue forever ... Enjoy this magic, because it only takes a short moment.

Thursday, June 5:
It is Waxing Moon in the Earth sign Virgo. This Moon energy causes in the family circle problems or problems with your health and misunderstandings in everyday work. Fortunately, a trigon with Venus shows that solutions for relationship problems will be found.
The Moon in Virgo smiles at Mercury in Cancer. All our communication skills are encouraged, such as practical thinking, learning, speaking. But the Moon is also opposite Neptune in Pisces causing this positive energy to be tempered by a feeling of passivity and dreaming. A nervous instability can overtake us. A white lie may be told, so beware.
The connection of the Moon with Pluto lets feelings show, but we have a tendency to look at things from one side. With this energy, we want to go on adventure and travel. Literally and figuratively over the borders.

Friday, June 6:
The Sun is at 15º in Gemini connecting with Uranus in Aries. Today there are unforeseen events, surprising news and technical improvements. It's all about personal freedom, self awareness and creative self-realization. The connection with Saturn makes us work in a serious way.
Just before the Moon leaves the sign Virgo,she smiles at Jupiter in Cancer, making success on social, creative and equipment area possible. We are positive and optimistic through which we want to make plans for the future.

Saturday, June 7: The Moon enters the sign is Libra, it allows us desire for harmony, love and cooperation within existing relationships. With this Moon phase we are less eager for new encounters.
Mercury goes retrograde today on 3º in the Water sign Cancer. On this website is more about Mercury retrograde under this link:

Sunday, June 8: The Moon is next to Mars in Libra. This energy makes both passionately as irritable and gives an inner tension that can lead to problems in a relationship.
The Moon in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. Extreme emotional expressions, inhibitions, dejection and self-indulgence.
The opposition with Uranus in Aries gives changing moods, irritability and a strong sensuality. There may be conflicts in your relationship because of the square to Jupiter, making you overreacting and rebellious.

Monday June 9: The Moon enters the intense sign of Scorpio.
Venus is 12 degrees in Taurus and forms a nice trigon to Pluto in Capricorn.
A good day for finance and passion! If there are any problems involving shared finances, things can be resolved. There is respond to secret desires and needs. A huge attraction makes it easy to make contact. Success in business and artistic expressions.

Neptune goes retrograde on on Monday 9 June 7 ° in Pisces.
Read more about Neptune retrograde on this website under this link:

Tuesday 10 June: In the deep waters of Scorpio the Waxing Moon sings a Lullaby for Neptune. It gives us empathetic ability and imagination enhancing our powers of creation. In a dreamy atmosphere we are imaginative, loving and attractive. The connection with Pluto awakes the adventure inside of us. The opposition with Venus makes us act out of feelings. The contribution of Saturn makes us melancholic and anxious again that beautiful things pass away.

Wednesday, June 11: The Moon in Scorpio forms a nice connection with Jupiter in Cancer. A positive day! Have a nice day to succeed with your plans.

Thursday, June 12: The almost Full Moon is the sign Sagittarius.
Mars is now at 12º in Libra and grows again to another exact square with Pluto. The Moon forms a connection with Mars, giving us perseverance, courage, entrepreneurial spirit, activity and openness to bring out the truth. The connection with Uranus gives strong powers of persuasion and ambition. A good day for doing business and finding your own way.

On Friday 13 June, it is Full Moon on 22º Sagittarius. The Full Moon is the culmination of the Sun-Moon cycle that began with the New Moon in Gemini on May 28, 2014. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis has to do with knowledge. This Full Moon with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius symbolizes the intuitive knowledge versus acquired knowledge. Our values are brought to light by the Full Moon. We are more process oriented, or product-oriented? Do we want to achieve something or are we more interested in knowledge? These questions will be clear to us with this Full Moon.
You are a little irritated and cranky today and in the family atmosphere also are problems. Rest is hard to find today.
Today is also Venus at 17º Taurus also exact opposite the retrograde Saturn in Scorpio.
This energy is not conducive to relationships. Disillusionment, jealousy, separation, parting, depression and inhibitions are themes that may occur, including financial problems and your self-esteem be put to the test. Now Mercury is also retrograde restraint is recommended.
It's just a bad day. There will be better ones.

Saturday 14 June: Right after its Full phase, the Moon left Sagittarius for earthy Capricorn. The atmosphere is thoughtful, serious and goal-oriented. Duty calls!
The Moon is in opposition with Mercury in Cancer. Good intentions and the truth can be misinterpreted.
The red planet Mars in Libra is exactly 12 ° and squares Pluto in Capricorn.
Caution is advised. It’s all or nothing. Manipulation, debauchery, violence and conflicts can have negative consequences. Self-control looks a long way off and financial problems can occur.
Also the Moon joins in this negative energy and makes us extra irritable, combative and hasty. Mood swings and violent eruptions may by the connection with Pluto.
The opposition with Jupiter makes us rebellious to authorities and Government. We don’t allow other people tell us how to behave or manage things. And that also applies to relationships.

Monday, June 16: The Moon is in the air sign Aquarius. The best time to take action in togetherness.
The Sun in Gemini today forms a trigon with the Moon in Aquarius. Generally it means happiness, success, harmony, good health and vitality.
Monday and Tuesday are days in which creative development of projects can be successfully promoted and accelerated.
The connection of the Moon with Mars and Uranus gives courage and perseverance, persuasion and sense of purpose.
Unfortunately Saturn quarrels with Venus causing conflict, containment, inhibitions and dejection in relationships.

Wednesday, June 18: The Moon has entered the dreamy waters of Pisces. The energy is sensitive, fanciful and inwards.
The Moon is next to Neptune in Pisces. It makes the atmosphere passive and unbalanced.
The retrograde Mercury ends up again at 29 º in the sign of Gemini.
Is there anything to discuss? The time is now to complete unfinished business. Information can be obtained and potential misunderstandings are cleared up.
A nice connection of Venus at 23 ° Taurus and Jupiter in Cancer causes a good social atmosphere. A beneficial aspect for love and loyalty. Enjoy each other, but don't take risks in moments of passion. Financial gains are possible these days. Take good care of money and possessions.
The connection of the Moon with Jupiter in Cancer indicates optimism and success.On June 19 Mother Moon is in her last quarter phase is in the sign of Pisces.This may cause problems in the family atmosphere, in the workplace and in relationships.

Friday June 20: The Moon has entered the fire sign Aries. An energetic time begins of spontaneous acting and perseverance.
The Sun in Gemini accompanies the retrograde Mercury.
Planning and discussions about self-development and personal projects are now on the agenda. A good day of concentration. Currently, personal matters are discussed in a logical and objective way.

On Saturday June 21, the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, the beginning of Summer. It is the longest day and the shortest night of the year for the northern hemisphere.
It's the magic moment of Litha, the summer solstice and the beginning of the astronomical summer. The Sun is at the highest point and is on top of his strength.
Mother Earth shows her fertility in full extent, allowing everything to prosper and thrive and sharing her abundant wealth.
From this day forward the days become shorter in the northern hemisphere.
The Sun is in the sign of Cancer, which has a very emotional character. This means for us that the attention is shifted to feelings. The main themes of Cancer is home, family and community involvement. During this magical moment we should think about our idea of ‚home’ and to what extent this "home" has been realized for us.
Also on 21 June, the asteroid Chiron will be retrograde at 17º in Pisces until March 16, 2015. In the retrograde or falling phase of Chiron we get are able to gain insight through meditation about deep emotional pain and how and why old patterns affect our current behavior. During this period, holistic healing is an important factor in many healing processes.
The Moon in Aries is today next to Uranus, opposite Mars in Libra and squaring Pluto. In an energy of excitement, extreme mood swings, imbalance, fights, inhibitions and disputes may occur. But also unbridled passion, extravagance and waste of money.

Monday, June 23: the Moon enters the Earthly Sign of Taurus. Money, pleasure and sticking to certainties prevail. We are home and family-oriented.
The Moon is in opposition with Saturn in Scorpio. This can cause restrictions, dissatisfaction, melancholy and mood swings. You can feel lonely and abandoned.

Tuesday, June 24: Venus has left her own sign Taurus and dances into the airy Gemini. Here, the goddess of love is flirting and is having fun, here she is an easy lover. In a partnership Venus in Gemini would like to explore all the possibilities! The time has come for romance, social activities and the easy way. However, don’t make hasty decisions , because we are often faced with two nearly equivalent alternatives.
Mercury in Gemini today forms a trigon with the Moon in Taurus. Study, read, write. Career planning, communication, collaboration and creative processes are stimulated and re-orientated.

Wednesday, June 25: Mars in Libra is exactly opposite Uranus in Aries.
Rebellious, rushed and ill-considered behavior and actions around us make it impossible to find solutions. Remain wise and realistic. If you experience currently rebellious and aggressive behavior ask yourself why this is happening. The desire for freedom for now and in the future is strong.

Thursday, June 26: The Moon in Gemini is next to Mercury. A good starting point for all your business or whatever you are doing to be successful. It is New Moon in the Water sign of Cancer on Friday, June 27. The Sun and Moon join together in Cancer. Subjective feelings and emotions play an even bigger role now. Because Mercury is retrograde, feelings and emotes get a boost. Themes with this New Moon are the family, the House, security, apparent safety and the deep desire for closeness. With who and what do we identify ourselves? This desire can manifest itself in increased commitment to people in our society who are in urgent need of care and assistance. The Moon in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn and squares Mars and Uranus. In sentimental affairs you hear only one side of the story. Strong changing moods and there may be quarreling with this energy.

Sunday, June 29: Sun in Cancer trigon Neptune in Pisces.
In a spiritually refined and sensitive atmosphere the opportunity is here to make a valuable contribution to the community. Spiritual seekers find peace and magic and are filled with obtaining inner promptings and inspirations.
The Moon in Cancer is next to Jupiter. A good financial position for success and fun.

Monday, June 30: The Moon is in the Fiery sign Leo.
Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces.
Strangely and totally different feelings within the sexual relationship. Immense heights or depths. Whether it's the Knight in shining armor or the Black Knight, sleeping beauty or the wicked witch, this fairy-tale characters are probably projections of one's own ego. Try not to make a drama of it all. The energy is changing from June 30 change when a large Water trigon will be formed by the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Cancer with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This is a cosmic handshake which promises inspiration, renewed energy and insights. But we also get to do with a repeat of the violent energy of April 2014. Mars is opposite Uranus in Aries. Despite these contradictions are strained, there is also cooperation between these two powerful energies. Rules and manners are violated and pushed aside. That could potentially be liberating if you know how to use this power wisely, but it can also lead to erratic actions in July 2014.

Have an exciting month of June!