Virgo July 2014


Virgo July 2014.

Planetary impulses from July 2014 show a positive month with many opportunities especially in the relational field.

This month your planet Mercury goes hand in hand with Venus. The first half of the month Mercury is in Gemini and the second half Mercury will be in Cancer. This planetary energy brings love to blossom. There is a need for love and belonging. If there is no relationship, a new one may occur. A new relationship is possible now Venus and Mercury have reached their highest point in your horoscope. With this energy you want to be together, go out and meet new people. The second half of July is promising thanks to the connection of Mercury and Venus to Neptune in your House of Relationships. Remain realistic. Sometimes Neptune imagines things in a better way than they actually are.

Being assertive is a good thing, but sometimes it's better to remain quiet in order not to allow a situation get out of hand. Sometimes you can be compelling. By remaining calm and channel your emotions a problem can be better interpreted. Solutions can be found instead of making problems bigger than they really are.

In the first half of July, the Sun travels through your House of Relationships. In the second half of July the Sun will be supported by your own planet Mercury and Venus, the planet of Love. July 2014 is a great month for showing your talents! It is the month of success, recognition and good relations with authority figures, such as your boss or people who can help you move forward. It really is a month in which things happen naturally! Interaction with others, communication and cooperation are paramount. Relationships support you in your goals.

Financially you are doing well this month. Jupiter enters the sign of Leo, on July 17. Good times are coming for Virgo!

Especially until July 20, you have enough energy to do the things you want to do. As of July 21 your health may fluctuate. It is good to take yourself into consideration and not to expose yourself to great efforts or circumstances that are not good for you.
The month of July is a good month to change something about your appearance.

Take as many outdoor exercises as you can. If you are outside, you meet those new friends!