Taurus july 2014


Taurus July 2014


The influence of Mercury brings you from July 13 back to life! A carefree, lively and practical power! Until that time, you will find that life goes the easy way. You can easily adapt to everything that happens around you.
In your personal life, Mercury will promote reconciliation in the family atmosphere.

In love the practical part prevails over the romantic part. Above all, you want certainty and concrete agreements. Having financial security is more important to you than romance. Actually you prefer a nice gift to someone who brings you a serenade.
In the last week of July 2014 you will open up for romance and you are more susceptible to attention. Then comes an exciting time to be together, to talk and to share feelings. A time to take make a trip or meet that special someone who could mean a lot or you.
On 27 July, Mars will be in your house of relationships, where it finds Saturn on its path. A period of action in the relationship, but also conflicts concerning the ego.

Due to the positive influence of Mercury a reconciliation in your family is possible. You are able to understand your environment completely and to encourage others to be positive in life!
The entry of Jupiter in Leo reinforces this positive flow closely followed by the Sun!

July 2014 is also in the career field a lively month! You won’t be bored, you're almost always busy. You're on the move, you meet people, you discuss, negotiate and sort things out. You will meet people with whom you will be working.

In the first half of July, Mercury and Venus travel hand in hand through your House of Money. A favorable period! There are surprises and other perks. You buy yourself nice things that make life more pleasant. Money comes from employees and artistic, creative and intellectual resources, communications and trips.
As of July 17, Jupiter in Leo travels through your fourth house. That means luck in the areas of real estate, home and hearth, buildings and land, agriculture and natural resources. In the last week of July, the Sun joins Jupiter which reinforces the positive impact in this area.

If you have experienced health problems in the last eight months, there is good news! Mars leaves your House of Health on July 26th and you will find that you feel a lot better! Beware, however, take care of yourself, because you are still susceptible to inflammation, infection and accidents.

Do not spend money on expensive things that make you feel good, but actually turn out to be of very little value.