Scorpio July 2014


Scorpio July 2014

July 2014 is a month of sweet illumination and exchanging flow between you and the world around you.

The first half of July 2014 is far from passionate. The Love area is calm, but in the second half this will be dominated by positive feedback!
Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, will be traveling through your Eighth House of the mysterious Soul until July 21. The Eighth House is the area where you can not expect initiatives and action. The Eighth House is the sphere of inner meaning, shadow behaviors, fears, taboos and frustrations. The Eighth House allows you to explore the hidden meaning of relationships and understanding the underlying intentions of the actions of your partner. A moment of self-analysis and balance. Needless to mention that compromising paves the way to love. On July 19, Venus enters the sign of Cancer and your Ninth House of Friendships. Until August 12, this is the perfect time to take a trip to take you back to that distant or lost love. The period to nourish yourself from spiritual and intellectual literature.

The entry of Venus in Cancer on July 19 will bring peace and rest in the family. Peace is still the supreme goal. You get the opportunity to solve problems and to let it go. The entry of Jupiter in Leo on July 17 and the entry of the Sun in Leo on July 23 will give you a positive support and your position within the family shall consolidate.

Your career is in the upward movement. July 2014 is the month in which you may be successful in a study or intellectual pursuits that are related to higher studies, culture, writing or publishing. It is a privileged time to undertake a business trip or to retrieve connections abroad. Also a good period for tourism, recreation, import and export. Jupiter, the Great Benefactor, will enter your House of Career on July 17. This leads to progress, to success and overt appreciation and recognition. On July 23 the Sun will join Jupiter in Leo in the House of Career and that means nothing more but success!

The first half of July 2014 brings you financial benefits. Financial benefits come from a partner or companion. Due to the influence of Mercury and Venus revenues come from employees, grants, benefits or solutions that has to do with banks or other financial institutions. The journey of Mars in your Twelfth House makes it advisable to review all legal and financial aspects of your business.

In recent months your health was is not optimal and that came because of the Cardinal Cross, which had a negative impact on your Home Health. This influence in the second half of the month will become less!
Mars is like Pluto, the ruler of your sign and you feel its influence extra strong. At the end of the month Mars will disappear from your Twelfth House, so your health will be a lot better.
But it does not mean that you're out of danger yet, take care of yourself.

Go ahead making big plans, the time has come!