Sagittarius July 2014


Sagittarius July 2014.

Mercury goes direct again, but you still suffer from opposing energies thwarting your desires. As of July 17 the tide turns, when your planet Jupiter enters the sign of Leo. It marks the beginning of a creative and prosperous year for your relationships and finances. But be vigilant against external influences that can harm relationships.
The first half of July 2014 promises many beautiful special moments! Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, is traveling this month through the House of Relations where she finds Mercury on her way. A warm wind of change! This conjunction is a harbinger of love, gentleness, harmony and understanding in all types of relationships! The sensual Venus puts you in a romantic mood and let you build a love nest! Mercury makes you to find the right words to make your beloved know how much you love him or her ! The first part of July 2014 is the period of choice to be together or to meet that special person. In the second part of July 2014 your love life calms down. The atmosphere is more cautious, on the surface. There is need to get clarity before action is taken. On July 17, Jupiter enters the passionate sign of Leo. It promises to be a year of love and prosperity.

With the entry of Jupiter in Leo on July 17, the relationship you maintain with your family will also improve. The relationship will go more smoothly with more clarity and rationality.

The first part of July 2014 looks promising in regard to contracts and business partners. It is possible that a good proposal will be made for cooperation. Current partnerships are strengthened. There are lucrative contracts to be signed. Business contacts with clients expire in a pleasant and fortunate way. Perhaps you would expand the customer base.

July 2014 is a month in which the focus lies on finances. Your income has to do with others, for example, think of your partner, staff or parents. Also profitable investments and financial institutions or business deals. The latter part of July 2014 is particularly advantageous. More income has to do with a monetary contribution or circumstances which allow you to retrieve something that belongs to you or what you are entitled to.

In the first half of 2014, you are not in such good shape, but not to worry. On July 17, your own planet Jupiter enters the sign of Leo. In the coming year this vibrant and dynamic effects stimulates you both physically and spiritually!

Do not immerse yourself in a financial adventure before thinking twice. Do not trust someone just like that.