Pisces July 2014


Pisces July 2014

The month of July 2014 is a true pleasure for body and soul! The first part of the month it’s party time! In the second part of July you will begin seeing things in a clear way.

July 2014 is a sparkling and romantic month for you! Until July 16 Jupiter will remain in the sign of Cancer in your House of Love. On July 14, Mercury joins Jupiter, activating your curiosity about the unknown. It can also provide a dose of confusion. Some temptations distract you from your true ideals. In the second half of July 2014, the Sun joins Jupiter in Leo and this planetary collaboration brings the most beautiful moments for you. Besides that, you may expect a large dose of enthusiasm, vitality, passion and happiness from July 23! With this mode you can not wait to go on an adventure. When Jupiter leaves your House of Love, his place will be filled by the sensual Venus, the planet of Love, causing love and adventure stirred up again.

In the first three weeks of July, the influence of Mercury and Venus allows you to deal with the most difficult situations to get around. Unfortunately, it distracts attention from issues that still need to be resolved. Projects involving your house are progressing.

With so many loving forces in the House of Love this month, it looks as though it’s going to be a month of relaxing instead of working. If you need to work, you focus your energy so that there is sufficient time to combine the pleasant with the unpleasant. All the planets are in a good mood this month. Everything flows naturally. You will always in the right place at the right time, so you can fully exploit all possibilities. Most success is achieved on the creative and educational area, but also where you should act in public. An important date to remember is July 17. On that date, Jupiter enters your House of Career and from that moment a year of professional success begins!

The transition from Jupiter to the sign of Leo on July 17, 2014 is also good news for the financial area! During the coming year, the spotlight is on your career! Full of enthusiasm you go to work and harvest not only success, but also good rewards.

You are in good health, especially in the first half of July. You are in a good physical and mental condition. A nice time to do sports, perform, dance, love and to participate in a variety of physical activities! In the latter part of July 2014 Jupiter is in conjunction with the Sun in your House of Health. A favorable position to be healthy and stay healthy. However, there is one caveat: do not eat and drink too much.

Go for it, Pisces. Enjoy all the good around you, but do not lose sight of reality.