Libra July 2014


Libra July 2014.

Mars is still in your sign Libra and now is preparing to leave Libra on July 26. Partly due to the interference of Uranus, you may experience tension in relationships. Channeling this energy is not so simple. Patience is essential this month.

The first part of July 2014 will be harmonious and offers beautiful moments of intense passion, but there are also moments of stress. Mars, the ruler of your House of Relationships gets along fine with Venus, the planet of Love and Harmony. The stress in your love life is caused by the Sun in Cancer, quarrelling with Mars and Venus.
July 2014 is an important month regarding your love life. Later this month, Venus reaches its highest position and that means nothing but Love with a capital L.

Mars will leave your sign Libra this month. In the past eight months, the focus was on relationships that it was not always pleasant. As of July 27, the pressure disappears in relationships and there will be more tact and understanding. Letting go is essential. Problems are solved and relationships will go smoothly in a more harmonious way.

A month of success! The Sun is in your House of Career until July 22, 2014. That means success, but is enhanced by the contribution of Mercury and Venus in the second half of the month. In particular, the period between July 19 and 22 is a good time to be successful. July 2014 makes you shine! Success comes through contacts in the cultural and intellectual field, traveling and abroad.
Initiatives and decisions are influenced by the partner, colleagues, associates or other social contacts. As of July 17 Jupiter travels through the sign of Leo. In the coming year success and popularity may occur in groups or public performance.

In the second half of July 2014, there will be better chances in the financial area. The influence of Venus wakes your generosity.

You are in a good condition and that will only get better! You get less and less affected by the stress caused by the Great Square between Pluto and Uranus.
On July 17, the great benefactor Jupiter enters the sign of Leo and that feels like a warm bath for you. When Mars leaves the sign of Libra on July 26, a sense of peace, harmony and balance comes over you.

July 2014 is a month to go public. Let yourself be heard and seen, show what you have to offer!