Leo July 2014


Leo July 2014.

For you, the entry of Jupiter in Leo on July 17 is about the highest astrological importance and offers you the opportunity to realize your ambitions. Enjoy this wonderful month in which you will be able to settle off ongoing business in a positive way.

In the first half of July, Venus is in the area of Friendships and that promises a lot of fun together! Socializing with friends or participating in diverse group activities plays a major role. On July 17, the great benefactor Jupiter enters your own sign Leo. Jupiter is the ruler of your House of Love, self-development, pleasure, eroticism, children and Creativity. It is the beginning of a promising, loving and heartwarming year, a year in which much will happen and where you can make things happen.
Do not expect immediate enthusiastic declarations of love, romantic signals are discrete and a little hidden.

The interaction between family members is intense and this openness is the foundation for a good relationship for the coming months. Solutions will be found for the most complex issues.

In the first part of July, you may look forward to a great popularity and support from friends, followers or lovers. You are successfully developing projects that bring people together with the same objectives. However, it seems that you are not interested or you lack enthusiasm. In the second half of the month is the positive feeling will return. On July 17, the great benefactor Jupiter enters your own sign Leo. The coming year will focus on broadening and optimism. There are exciting things about to happen. Prosperity will come to you if you know how to take all those chances coming your way! Your professional and social life gets a real boost with Jupiter in Leo! Be bold, but not reckless! On July 23, the Sun is in your sign and it's time to take your place on stage. It’s showtime!

On July 23, the Sun enters your sign Leo, a solemn moment! The latter part of July becomes fortunate and very special!

In the first half of July 2014 you may have to do with fatigue and lesser resistance. You have a higher risk of getting ill. Slow down, go to bed early and allow plenty of time for relaxation.
Thanks to the influence of Jupiter you can avail on more energy in the second half of July. You will be engulfed by a warm feeling of enthusiasm and optimism!

There are so many new opportunities your way. Know how to take those opportunities.