Gemini July 2014


Gemini July 2014

Venus travels until July 18 through your own sign Gemini and that promises harmony, love and balance in your life. The entry of Jupiter in fiery Leo on July 17 adds an additional positive force in your social life and mental and physical well being.

The first half of July is dominated by Love thanks to the position of Venus in Gemini! Love finds its way to you and the universe makes you feel love for everything and everyone!
Besides optimism and sugar sweet love, Venus adds a touch of charm and elegance which envelopes you in a sensual look. This look works like a magnet and makes your wishes come true. If you want to be happy, surrender to Venus and open your heart! If you are single you could meet someone who shows you patterns from the past. Jupiter in Leo travels from July 17 through your third House of Communication. In the coming year there is more passion in your relationship, more peace and security, better mental and spiritual communication. Troubled relationships or relationships that have been torn for a long time can be restored through dialogue.

The New Moon of July 26 puts its finger on a painful situation that has to do with the family. Conclusions are drawn and positive decisions will be taken to restore the harmony.

Jupiter is the ruler of your House of Career. Jupiter enters the sign of Leo on July 17 and marks the beginning of a year of progress and success in your career. You get more ambitions, you dare to start more projects and you will improve your performance. You reap more appreciation and your position is strengthened. Support from Mars to Jupiter will increase your ambitions even further.

July 2014 is a month of major financial significance.
This month, your House of Money is visited by the Sun, accompanied by your own planet Mercury and Venus. The collaboration between Sun and Mercury focuses on the material area, the area which is so important to you and where most of your energy flows to. Venus focuses on fortunate opportunities, which will be tagged especially at the end of July 2014. You want to earn more money to enable you to do whatever you want to do and make necessary decisions. Watch out, there is a risk that costs rise over existing costs.

You're in good shape. On July 1, after its retrograde period, your planet Mercury is direct again. Like Mercury, you are on the move as well! Venus promotes your good mood and you look at things on the bright side. Until August 2015 Jupiter travels through your House of Communication allowing an optimistic impact on your life !

Enjoy all the good that is offered to you in July 2014, but do everything in moderation.