Capricorn July 2014


Capricorn July 2014

July 2014 is a busy month for Capricorn! The soothing influence of Mercury creates an intimate atmosphere in which you will experience intense satisfaction.

This month is all about relationships for Capricorn. Especially in the first half of July, the Sun in the House of Relationships, so the focus is on love, marriage and relationships. Your partner plays the leading role this month and if you're single, it will not be long before you will find true love.
Until July 18 Venus, the planet of Love travels through Gemini and that means you can meet someone special at work, at the gym, on the train or bus or in a waiting room. As of July 19 Venus joins your House of Relationships and that promises more clarity, communication, love, happiness and peace in your relationship.

From July 14 Mercury will join the Sun in the House of Relationships. In recent months there has been much talking about the division of household tasks and how work and private life are intertwined. The time has come to harmoniously integrate these agreements within the relationship or family connection.

The impact that your relationship has on your career, is immense this month. Juli 2014 is an important month for contracts, business contacts and cooperation. Cooperation and consultation is of paramount importance. Be creative and reinforce the relationship you have with colleagues! The handshake of Saturn with Sun, Mercury and Venus in your House of Relationships show that you could play a mediating role to bring people together. On July 26, the red planet Mars leaves your House of Career. The stress and tension that you experienced in that area, becomes less.

There is good astrological news! On July 17, the Great Benefactor Jupiter enters your House of Finance. It will stay there for a year! In the summer of 2015 you can look forward to a large sum of money and other benefits!

From July 1, Mercury runs direct in your House of Health. It is possible that in recent weeks you have been ill. Now there will be improvement in your health or a cure will be found. Improvements are being made in your life, for example, improvements regarding hygiene, nutrition and sports.

In the first half of July, visit the hairdresser or have a look at your wardrobe!