Cancer July 2014


Cancer July 2014

This month on July 17, Jupiter, the great benefactor, will leave your own sign for the Fiery Leo. This astrological impulse will be fortunate for you much in terms of achievements, building confidence and progress in your social life.

In July 2014 things are changing for you. The red planet Mars, which rules your House of Love, will be leaving the sign Libra at the end of this month. In the past eight months this influence has caused a lot of complications in your love life.
There are nice opportunities for love! In the first week of July the Sun forms a pleasant connection with Saturn, the planet that rules your House of Relationships. In the last week of July, the influence of the alluring Venus guarantees sensual moments. Venus enters your sign on July 19, paving the way for love, harmony and cooperation, new relationships, blossoming of existing relationships and reviving old relationships!

On July 17 Jupiter leaves your own sign Cancer after a year. Turmoil disappears from your heart, paving the way for stability and peace. In the course of the month, the pressure gradually takes off.

The Sun travels from July 22 through your own sign Cancer and that means you are in the spotlights! This energetic and successful period is the time par excellence to expose your talents.
From July 14 to July 31 Mercury will be traveling through your sign making you more alert making ideas emerge naturally. This period is conducive to study and research. You find the right words if you need to speak or write.
From July 19 to August 12 Venus visits your sign Cancer. Mutual relationships are supported and social contacts will come in handy in your professional life and development.
After eight months the red planet Mars, the ruler of your House of Career, leaves the sign Libra. Something is revealed, is gaining momentum and is going to be right.

A fortunate period begins. Jupiter, the great benefactor, will enter the sign Leo on July 17 . The sign Leo is the ruler of your House of Money and value! This is the time to stabilize your equity.

You are in good shape. You feel the stress relief and you relax. In the course of July you will find the balance back.
The Full Moon of July 12 distracts you and makes you uneasy, but don't worry. You have confidence in yourself. Your optimistic attitude and good humor support you.

Welcome all the new and changes in your life!