Aries July 2014


Aries July 2014

On July 26, your planet Mars leaves your House of Relationships after nearly eight months. From that moment, Aries will experience a sense of relief in all forms of sociability, whether it is in love, marriage, work or in business. Until July 25 you have to deal with a tense Jupiter and Mars. You have to deal with inhibitions in your social and professional life. It all does not seem to work as you would wish it to. When Jupiter enters the sign of Leo enters on July 17, a powerful and positive time will reveal itself for you.

Relationships are under pressure because of major decisions, but there are also conflicts and rivalries. Some desires are so strong that they can bring a relationship in jeopardy. The influence of Mars will have that effect on the relationship, but this dynamic energy can also be used to build bridges. Mars asks of you not to postpone certain decisions regarding your partner. Venus, the planet of love, promotes communication and emotional expression. This energy leads to a date or a romantic getaway.

You tend to vent your opinion in a rather direct way. Try to avoid that behavior. First count to ten.

In the first half of July, Mercury, planet of your career will be traveling through your third House and that means a lot of work to be done! A period of initiatives and bustle. The partnering with Venus makes everything much easier and the chances are there for the taking. A favorable period for thinking, writing and calculations, meetings, public speaking, discussions and negotiations. You get the most brilliant inspirations and you learn from everything. Overall, a busy month in which you will be hard at work.

Financially you are doing well and there is reason for optimism! In the first half of the month the Sun travels through your fourth House, followed in the second half of the month by Venus and Mercury. The focus lies in real estate or maintenance of home and hearth. You can go house hunting, buy something beautiful for your home or make an investment in real estate.

About your health you do not have to worry in July! July 2014 is a month without negative influences. You can improve health and if you need it, solutions will be offered. July 2014, offers you the opportunity to boost yourself completely and break a habit regarding nutrition and hygiene.

Maybe it's time to organize a family party.