Aquarius July 2014


Aquarius July 2014

Especially in the first half of July 2014 ideas flow and projects are achieved through the influence of Mercury in Gemini!

Until July 18, 2014, the seductive Venus travels through your House of Love and Romance. Her presence makes sensual feelings stronger and gives you that special magnetic attraction that opens doors to new adventures. Everything around you is love it seems. Your emotional life brings you into rapture and your body is extra sensitive for touching and incentives. Discover, experience and feel the love and intimacy! The entry of Jupiter in Leo on July 19, is warmly supported by Venus! In the second half of July 2014, the Sun travels through your House of Relationships. The time has come to see yourself through the eyes of your partner and to share the connection. Your partner and your relationship are the universal core of your life!

There is increasing clarity and thus you can observe emotional needs of your family much better. Listen to your feelings and emotions. This month is perfect to overcome ancient quarrels and disagreements.

July 2014 is a great month to show yourself and your talents to the world. The influence of Venus makes you shine. You meet in the right place the right people who appreciate and support you for who you are. The first half of the month is devoted to creativity and artistic skills, but also paperwork, organization and leadership. The Sun travels through your House of Career radiating your leadership and personality. In the second half of the month, the Sun is supported by Mercury, making your mind clear and logical. A great time to talk in public, to negotiate and to go on a trip.

The success that you have in your career is reflected in your income. A very favorable financial picture this month!

The Sixth House is the area of Health and this area is visited by the Sun, Mercury and Venus in July 2014. A very favorable position in which solutions and remedies are found. July 2014 is therefore the month of choice for a check-up to do, to do a course or follow a therapy.

It’s good to work hard, but make plenty of time to relax. Maybe a nice vacation?