Astrological forecast for July 2014.

The month of July 2014 is a warm, constructive and inspiring month. A positive shift takes place when Jupiter leaves the Water sign Cancer for fiery Leo! The fifth zodiac sign Leo symbolizes romance, love of life, children, creativity, fun and self-development. With the advent of Jupiter it would be a great year if we would live life as we would like it to be ! Standing up for your rights and beliefs and propagate this! It is a year to grow and to take educational or spiritual journeys.
Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter, the father of the Greek god Zeus stands for abundance, growth, expansion, truth, optimism, philosophy, ideals, religion, wisdom and the deeper meaning of life. Everything connected with Jupiter, is growth. Growth can be mentally, spiritually or materially.
It's different for everyone and whether we are looking for wisdom, money or possessions, which also applies to ideals. In the birth chart can be deduced specific where and how we can develop.
The zodiac signs Leo, Aries, Sagittarius will benefit this summer this energy the most, but also Libra and Gemini are enjoying the soothing warmth. However, the sign of Aquarius is faced with a conflict of energy. The zodiac signs Scorpio and Taurus will not directly feel the positive influence of Jupiter.
The highlight of the Jupiter energy will be on July 24, when the Sun in Leo conjoins Jupiter.
Until August 11, 2015 Jupiter will warm our hearts. This positive energy creates a warming and optimistic note in the difficult economic times in which we find ourselves.
As of June 2013, Jupiter traveled through the sign of Cancer. During this period it has interfered with the planetary heavyweights Mars, Uranus and Pluto. This period of transformation and growth was emotionally very intense and in many lives this has led to an inevitable break with the past. In the year that Jupiter travels through Leo, it will experience twice the exact square between Uranus and Pluto, but the heartwarming energy will be an emollient contribution. A contribution, which may result in huge positive inspirations, creativity and emotional rebirth.
We are in a positive influence which we feel that changes are in the pipeline.
July 2014 is, thanks to the entry of Jupiter in Leo a positive month, but unfortunately it will not always be prosperity and happiness. July 2014 is a month in which existing power structures will degrade further. There will be landslides, not only in nature, but also in economic and social fields. The good relationship between Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio will last until July 16. From the moment that Jupiter enters the sign of Leo on July 17 and Saturn awakens from his retrograde sleep on July 19, the warm handshake between and these two business planets cool down and end in conflict. Economically, things can change dramatically from that moment. Especially on and around 22, 25 and 28 July events may occur that bring our sense of safety in jeopardy.
There will be an increase in social unrest in several European cities and in America. In the Far East, food shortages may occur. The illusion that the global crisis would have passed its peak and that an economic improvement would be on the edge, soon disappears.
Due to Jupiter in Leo we are better resistant to cope with difficult situations and are able to implement necessary reforms. Saturn will be in a direct movement to March 13, 2015. During this period, bills, rules and regulations which are discussed from March 2, are being imported and adapted.
From the moment Saturn awakens on July 19, the long sleep of Uranus, the planet of the unexpected breakthroughs, begins. Uranus travels since March 2011 through fiery Aries, the male principle that wants progress.
From July 22 to December 20, 2014, the time has come to take the "I Am " energy inside to have a closer look at us. What makes us authentic and independent? A huge inward pressure is leading us to an inner war if we are not clear about who we are and what we want, independent of the expectations of others. This particular phase of Uranus is highly charged, because this backward movement will spark the struggle with Pluto in Capricorn again. This energy is extremely explosive, much more explosive than the last Mars retrograde period from 2 March to 20 May 2014. A period of pushing and pulling, bending or cracking. In the world, but also in your personal life, resounds the urge for restructuring, change and freedom. Remain close to yourself and your desires, because it may just be that what you desire will cross your path. Whatever it is that your path will intersect, corresponds to what you desire deep down.
The location of Aries in your birth chart shows where your inner warrior is. The location of Capricorn shows where the revolutionary process of regeneration takes place. With Uranus retrograde there is a resistance to pressure from the outside, such as authority figures telling us what to do. A resistance to oppression and restriction of freedom. Now the way is to the inside where our inner child cries for independence and freedom. Uranus retrograde in Aries awakes our deepest primal feelings. The inner primal scream refuses to give away our power in any form whatsoever. The struggle to live, really live begins at its most authentic form of being.

Important dates for July 2014.

Tuesday, July 1: Mercury runs direct again.
After a three-week retrograde period Mercury arrives at 24 º Gemini. Gradually, the communication and the movement will be back on track! There may be good business deals and steps are taken in the right direction. There are opportunities waiting for everyone who wants to see them. To be successful, you need a good imagination and this is possible with this Gemini energy! After a period of self-examination and preparation you can use all your imagination and creativity to make your dreams come true. It may be that you cannot sleep or have restless dreams.

Friday, July 4: The influence of Jupiter creates a pleasant atmosphere. A good day for relaxation, socializing and partying.

Saturday, July 5: The Sun in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn today. A powerful aspect which, due to an inability to relax, can lead to senseless violence and strife.

Wednesday, July 9: Today Uranus may cause unpleasant surprises. The Sun creates with Saturn an atmosphere of sensitivity and reality. Today there may be a kind of internal power struggle, because of different types of influences. These are trends that are very contrasting. A day of mountain high and valley low.

Thursday, July 10: An aspect between Jupiter and Pluto creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. Issues related to health, wealth and space can lead to disputes and friction.

Friday, July 11: A good day to work on a budget, paying bills or study.

Saturday, July 12: Thanks to the influence of Venus, it is a nice day to relax and be together. The connection between Mercury and Pluto provides the atmosphere to read, write or play music. Mercury joins Jupiter in Cancer creating an atmosphere created by large and forward-thinking. Today no time for trivialities and narrow-mindedness. Venus and Mars also create a romantic atmosphere! The connection between Jupiter and Uranus, you can expect unexpected things today, like a meeting or a revelation. On Saturday, July 12th is the Full Moon at 20 º Capricorn.  The Sun in Cancer illuminates the face of the Moon in Capricorn. Mars in Libra squares the Full Moon on this Full Moon, so it comes to finding the right level of energy.  The phase of the Full Moon is the stage of completion. All thoughts and actions that have been taken with the last New Moon on 27 June take shape now. The energy of this Full Moon is a good time to create a new balance for yourself and to realize that it's okay to let go of what you no longer need or longer serves you.  This Full Moon symbolizes the contrast of emotions and rules, that’s why dissatisfaction with the current situation comes to light, both at the individual level and in society. The danger is that rules are exceeded or someone gives up a fight.

Monday, July 14: Mercury enters the sign of Cancer.
Mercury in the emotional sign of Cancer is making our way of thinking more subjective. It is difficult to think logically. Until August 15, 2014 conscious or unconscious feelings have a strong influence on our thinking.

Wednesday, July 16: Jupiter enters the sign of Leo.
After spending a year in the water sign Cancer, Jupiter has entered the fire sign Leo. Until August 11, 2015 joyful love flourishes and making us exploit our creativity to the fullest. With this energy, we are encouraged to achieve our goals. Jupiter in Leo gives us the courage to perfect our journey to self-actualization.

Saturday, July 19: Venus enters the water sign of Cancer.
Venus has left the air sign Gemini for the water sign Cancer. In love and relationships Venus in Cancer is more emotional and sensitive. Venus in Cancer is focused on family matters and the feeling of belonging. Until 12 August 2014 it’s is a good time to make arrangements involving the house or to renovate and to reflect on the ideal place to live. Mercury in Cancer reaches out to Neptune. We follow our intuition and create a harmonious atmosphere of inspiration. Later, unfortunately, the Sun challenges Mars, the atmosphere turns into irritation and anger.

Sunday, July 20: Saturn runs direct again.
On July 20, Saturn runs at 16 º Scorpio direct again after a retrograde period of four months. Saturn went retrograde on March 2 2014 at 23 º Scorpio and until 27 October 2014 Saturn will have arrived at the point where it went retrograde. Gradually, it becomes easier to take responsibility and provide plans in the long term, shaping and maintaining those plans. There will be momentum in various processes such as legislation, it all goes more smoothly. A compelling atmosphere of realism, but also of orthodox thinking. If something is not broken, why should we interfere? The distance between Jupiter and Pluto indicates that this kind of thinking has to do about health care, trade and banking matters and space.

Monday, July 21: An astrological confusing day! Jupiter has to get used to the sign of Leo and Neptune teases Jupiter! An atmosphere of widespread vagueness and confusion occurs. Not a day to do activities that require precision and clarity. It is more a day to relax!

Tuesday, July 22: Uranus goes retrograde in Aries.
On 22 July is 16 º Uranus in Aries will begin its retrograde period. Uranus will run backwards to 12 º Aries on December 20, 2014. From that date Uranus will run direct again. On April 7, 2015 Uranus is back to the point where it went retrograde! As of today an atmosphere prevails of being in the here and now. A period of stability and the NOW. Mercury in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn and this rebellious energy causes this day inflammatory language, restlessness and an uneasy atmosphere.

Wednesday, July 23, the Sun enters the sign Leo.
Over the next month, those born under the sign of Leo are having their birthday! The sign Leo is energetically connected with the Sun, love and the heart. The sign of Leo is associated with love, creativity and children, but also with the inner child. Children live in the here and now and are a source of inspiration for us. Dare to live and act from your heart, be spontaneously as a child.
The Sun will be alongside Jupiter in Leo. The Sun helps Jupiter to settle things down, but it sometimes it seems like a losing a battle. Even the intervention of Venus does not contribute to return to the peace.

Friday, July 25: Venus in Cancer gets along well with Neptune in Pisces, creating a dreamy atmosphere. Jupiter now feels at home in Leo and takes a stand with Pluto in Capricorn. Topics such as health care and distribution of wealth are the things that are denounced. Mercury in Cancer intensifies thinking and communication processes. The Sun has encouraged Jupiter in Leo and let us spread our wings in order to get a higher perspective on life in general. The retrograde Uranus together with Mercury brings in a climate of novelty, clarity and originality. Saturn in Scorpio creates an ideal climate for concentration to study, paying bills or to study complex issues in the family. A day in which many things can be achieved!

Saturday, July 26: New Moon 3 º in Leo.
The Sun and the Moon melt together today at 3 º in Leo in the arms of the great Benefactor Jupiter. So today there will be abundance and growth, you might think. Unfortunately Mars throws in a spanner and disrupts the harmonic potential energy of this New Moon.
The New Moon is more focused on inner growth and expanding the awareness. Through the influence of Mars in Scorpio, the focus is on inner resistance and fears.

Sunday, July 27: Mars enters the sign of Scorpio.
The red planet Mars has left the sign of Libra after seven and a half months, where it roamed since December 8, 2013. Mars has entered the sign of Scorpio. Mars loves Scorpio so much more than Libra! Here Mars lives for passion, here Mars explores backgrounds, discovering secrets, here Mars experiences infighting and jealousy. Until September 13, 2014 there will be a period of transformation and conversion. Mars can actively contribute to a change in the inner world.

Monday, July 28: Today, Venus in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn. In family relations matters will be on edge. Important issues are not discussed, resulting in an unhappy atmosphere. This opposition can be seen as the way out. The next day, the solution will be found.

Thursday, July 31: Today, Venus in Cancer is quarreling with Uranus in Aries. With this square aspect the month of July 2014 ends in an atmosphere of personal dissatisfaction.