Taurus January 2014



A good month for your career and business. A stressful month. Finances will grow this month.


Taurus in business and self-employed Taurus have a good month. You dream about a new job or starting a new venture. This can even lead to a move to a new place.


An excellent financial month for the Taurus. Your long-term investments will be rewarded. This is a good month to buy items you had long been planning to purchase.


Love and romance play a supreme part this month. A sensual month in which you will enjoy a passionate relationship with your partner. The bachelor Taurus will find true love. Don’t allow jealousy and selfishness come between the two of you.


You are worried about a number of problems at home. The mental unrest disrupts your rest this mont .


Stress and tension are evident this month. Learn to relax whenever you can. Alternative medicine and relaxation techniques offer mental peace. A balanced diet and exercise put you back on track.