Sagittarius January 2014

January predicts a month of renovation in all areas! A month of positive energy and enthusiasm. You have the power to overcome all obstacles without any support. Your love life thrives on and you do not have to worry about the finances too much. Your health is excellent .

January is a good month for your career. You will have the confidence to complete projects independently. Sagittarius working in marketing and sales will achieve the most success.

The financial forecasts for January 2014 predict an excellent month. You can expect money from an unexpected source !

A loving and romantic month for you and your partner. Don’t allow financial issues interfere between the both of you.

January 2014 is an excellent month to improve relationships with your family. Time to throw away all that bitterness. Renovation also on the home front !

Your general health is excellent. A therapy will be successful and will have progress. For your body is it also renovation time!