Leo January 2014



In January, a shift takes place from family to career. This month you are busy with friends and colleagues.


Career opportunities abound for the Leo in January 2014. Think of improving your skills and upgrading your talent. Business Leo would plan to launch a new venture or product in the beginning of the month. Avoid new deals or jobs by the end of January. Retrograde planets can be tricky.


A stable month. Money comes unexpected from an unknown source. An investment will bear fruit. But be careful, costs may also rise.


There is love and romance in the air in January 2014. Passionate affairs are volatile and will not become a permanent relationship. In your love nest your beloved one is surrounded by true love!


Parties and social gatherings are the word this month. Do not let relatives be restricted. Access your loved ones with understanding and respect.


January is an energetic month for Leo. To find peace and tranquility, try meditation and spiritual healing for your inner self.