Gemini January 2014



This month, your concentration will be on the job are more than the house. At a constant pace advance is taking place in your career.

Gemini get very busy, this month there’s work to be done. Whether it's your job or business, the results are not yet visible this month. Your hard work and effort will be shown in the coming months. At your workplace love can blossom!

A wonderful month income from different and unexpected sources. Your income will increase and you’ll be pleased with your savings.

Love and passion are rampant this month. Your relationship will be ignited with even more passion for each other. Love at work is very possible.

Due to the hectic time at work you will not be able to spend quality time with family and friends. You will be missed !

This is a good time for a make-over! It is a good month to rejuvenate yourself. Break yourself free and relax !