Capricorn January 2014



January 2014 is a very positive and joyful month for all Capricorns!


In your career, it is necessary to deal careful with your success. Don’t let your success go to your head. You are making steady progress. Maintaining good relations with colleagues is of great value.


This month you have a tendency to spoil yourself, which will increase your expenses. Be careful.


This month you have the opportunity to come to terms with hidden problems in your relationships. This will help you to determine whether the current relationship is correct or not. If it is correct your relationship will be strengthened. For the unmarried Capricorn your irresistible magnetism will be a lucky charm!


You assertive posture causes bitterness in your family and among friends. Listen to what others have to say before making a judgment or decision.


In health matters, it is a wonderful month. Vigor and vitality will be an essential part of your life this month. It would be advisable to focus more on achieving mental peace.