Cancer January 2014



In this period of transformation is finding a balance between work and relations most important. A proper planning and cleaning up of everything which is no longer needed in all all aspects of your life! Health can be a little feeble at the beginning of the month.
In love there are good and bad days this month. In your career you will be noticed and appreciated.


There is satisfaction in your career and business this month. Success is guaranteed in all professional occupations !


January 2014 is an excellent month have a look at your financial planning and investments. Change your strategy and equalize if you feel that your savings are not paying off your debts.


Relationships run smoothly this month. The bachelor Cancer can find true love. For married couples his month can be an ordeal, your love and faith will be put to the test. Generally a positive month for love and affection.


With your family you will experience unforgettable moments. Social gatherings and sharing events keep you busy all month.


The first half of the month, your health is a little less. Take things a little lighter and don’t ask too much of yourself. Relax a little more.