Aquarius January 2014



An excellent balance between work and home this month. Advancement in career is excellent. You will have more quality time for your family . Relationships are not really smooth. Improving health and finances by the end of the month.


Favorable outlook for your job or business in January 2014. Success is waiting for you. Leave stress at work does not adversely affect your health . You goals become increasingly visible.


An average month. Financial improvement towards the end of the month.


In love and relationships you are confronted with a number of problems. If you are looking for a committed relationship, then many problems must be resolved before you can move forward. The bachelor Aquarius experiences frustrations in the love area.

The relationship with family members is going to improve. At home everything goes as desired. Let no emotional turmoil overwhelm you. Take time for your loved ones.


No major health problems in January 2014. The stars, however, advise caution with food habits in the coming year.